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      The Portwest Clothing Range

      Portwest is a global manufacturer of clothing and PPE and one of the fastest-growing workwear brands in the world. Having been established in 1904, Portwest has over 115 years of experience creating premium workwear for multiple industries. With a presence in over 130 countries, this worldwide brand uses its team of world-class designers who specialise in flame retardant and hi-vis clothing to create their garments. Portwest clothes also expand to a range of hand and foot protection, and even personal protection equipment, which has proved especially useful in recent times. The quality of their apparel, sold at very competitive prices, and the forward-thinking and innovative minds behind the design team have led Portwest workwear to achieve plenty of awards, including the Deloitte ``best-managed company award” for the fifth year running. Portwest Ireland was even recognised by the business and finance top 100 index 2020 as one of the top companies operating in that region. Portwest clothing and footwear come very highly recommended by both our customers and ourselves.

      Portwest Sealtex

      Portwest’s proprietary features include Portwest Sealtex. Portwest Sealtex is a clothing range with high-frequency welded seams that fully prevent water penetration. These seams also stop the wind from getting to you whilst still allowing for breathability. Another staple of the Sealtex brand is having a stretchy wipe-clean finish, for an easy clean. Available on everything from jackets and trousers to bib and brace and coveralls, each variety of Sealtex clothing has its own different Sealtex properties appropriate for what that garment is. Sealtex rainsuits, jackets, and coats have storm flaps to help protect them against the elements whereas Sealtex trousers have stretch and adjustable hems and waists so they can be a good fit.

      There are also sub-divisions of Sealtex, each with different appeals. A straight-up evolution of the regular Sealtex is Sealtex Ultra. Guaranteed to be fully waterproof, windproof, and breathable, Sealtex ultra will certainly keep all the harsh elements from affecting you. Then there's Sealtex Air, which is a unique lightweight variant that still has the breathability and waterproofing of regular Sealtex.

      Portwest Bizweld

      As the name suggests the Bizweld range was intended for workers in the welding industry, but the range has been popular with workers in all types of areas. The generous fit of Bizweld clothes allows whoever is wearing them the flexibility to conduct their work unencumbered. All Bizweld clothes, whether they be bizweld overalls, bizweld jackets, or bizweld trousers, also come with a level of flame resistance, which makes sense given their welding-centric nature.

      Portwest PW3 Range

      Perhaps the most popular Portwest range is the PW3 range, This vast and varied selection of Portwest clothing emphasises fresh, modern, and effective design that takes advantage of modern lifestyle trends. And it manages to accomplish this goal whilst being very cost-effective, making bulk orders of Portwest PW3 apparel common amongst businesses wanting to use it for their workforce.

      Simply put, PW3 workwear should be an amalgamation of function, style, and safety that can withstand everyday use and whatever the environment can throw at it. The clothing in this range all looks great. There is a mix of hi-vis and regular clothes in this range, so you can get clothes in whichever version you prefer, they will still handle whatever your environment throws at them.

      Aside from style, the PW3 range also has its own exclusive features. PW3 jackets feature the Portwest EZEE zip design, allowing for quick and easy fastening even when wearing work gloves. Almost every jacket or coat in the Portwest PW3 range uses a water-resistant or waterproof fabric that is often also windproof and breathable, the three essentials for top-of-the-line work jackets. PW3 shorts and trousers are equally good-looking and practical, with easy access to a multitude of multi-purpose pockets, including id pockets and wide thigh pockets. You can even detach some of the pockets in certain instances. In addition, there are other premium features like hammer loops, crotch gussets, and reinforcements in key areas. Areas of particularly tough wear are not only reinforced but treated so that the bright, reflective parts remain visible for longer, despite the extra stress they take on.

      For Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis clothing, the PW3 collection makes use of Portwest’s own proprietary Hi-Vis Tex Pro reflective tape to increase the visibility of the range. The main thing that makes this tape so special is that it is segmented rather than being one long strip. This means it doesn’t restrict the movement of the wearer whereas rigid tape may do. 

      Portwest Flame-resistant Clothing

      Years of experience with advanced technology and market research have led Portwest to create state-of-the-art flame retardant clothing for work in dangerously hot environments, or where the risk of being burnt is increased.

      The Diversity of the Portwest range 

      Being as distinguished and long-running a brand as they are, it's not surprising to find out that Portwest carries a vast array of different clothing types. From the obvious like Portwest trousers and Portwest boots to the less so like Portwest shorts and Portwest overalls. Each one has the attention to detail and design philosophy that embodies Portwest, and the features that make them the industry leader they are. And of course, for every Portwest collection, there is always a Portwest Hi-Vis equivalent. Hi-Vis trousers, jackets, vests, hoodies, and t-shirts, all highly visible, and many using Portwests own hi-vis tech to make them so, such as the Hi-Vis Tex Pro reflective tape.

      Alongside the main range of garments, there are also lesser discussed accessories and apparel which Portwest has made an effort to represent. Portwest gloves and Portwest eye protection via safety glasses are just a few examples of Portwest safety accessories that you wouldn’t assume most workwear manufacturers would have.

      One of the most basic fundamentals of workwear is being waterproof. Portwest has a collection for this necessity as well, with not just coats, but Portwest fleeces, hard hats, and safety gloves also being waterproofed so you can ensure not a drop gets through your layers whilst working.

      Portwest Clothing delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Portwest clothing to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.