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Reflective and Hi-Vis Vests

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      When people naturally imagine a “work vest”, it’s fair to assume they think of workers in hi vis vests. A reflective vest will increase the visibility of the person wearing it and, as it is a lightweight layer, it can simply add an important health and safety security measure to the wearer's work outfit. Thanks to this convenience, a fluorescent vest can serve many different types of professions.

      The quality of our Hi Vis Vests

      Our hi viz vests mainly utilise fluorescent colours and reflective tape to draw people's attention and make the wearer's presence known. Virtually all the hi vis vests we stock are all classed as such according to the EN ISO 20471 safety standard. There is a wide range of hi vis colours for you to choose from for your vest. You won’t go far wrong with a traditional orange or yellow hi vis vest, or even the increasingly popular hi vis colours like red or pink. What about a two-tone hi vis vest? These designs are as stylish as a hi vis work vest can get, sporting a combination of a vibrant hi vis colour and a non-hi vis, darker colour. A good example of a two-tone hi viz vest is the Portwest C377 Hi Vis Two Tone MeshAir Executive Vest, which has either fluorescent orange or yellow on the top half of the garment, whereas the bottom half is navy blue. The main function of having two-tone colours laid out like this is so that any dirt or stain picked up whilst working will only become attached to the lower part i.e. the dark blue part. Thanks to this, the hi vis colouring and reflective tape don’t become muddied and retain their brightness. The larger the contrast in colour is, the more the hi visibility aspects of the vest standout.

      Characteristics of our Hi-Visibility Vests

      In addition, to being hi vis, there are plenty of other characteristics our hi vis vests possess that make them an excellent choice of workwear. We have a range of waterproof hi vis vests for when you’re caught by an unsuspecting downpour. And if the vest also happens to be a breathable hi vis vest, warm air will be allowed to leave without allowing any rain inside. Increased ventilation such as this will have a significant, positive impact on the wearer's comfort.

      Professions that use Hi-Vis Vests

      A specialised hi vis vest like a police vest or security vest can serve to make the individual clearly seen, which is certainly advantageous given their occupation. Then you have those in the construction industry. Hi vis vests are one of the most popular choices for businesses to instruct their construction workforce to wear, due to their lightweight, unrestricted freedom of movement and of course the hi-visibility, which works towards reducing the risk of accidents on-site by ensuring that workers are more aware of each others location.

      We stock reflective and Hi Vis Vests and deliver worldwide

      No matter what type of hi-vis vest you want, we’ve got you covered.

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver hi vis vests to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock tool vests, general work vests, and various work bodywarmers, gilets, and vests plus much, much more from other top workwear brands.