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      Introduction to Buckler Boots

      Also known as BuckBootz on the web, the Buckler boots brand was established in 1998 with the express intent of offering safety footwear that overcame the issues and shortcomings of typical work footwear. Typified by poor construction or using cheap materials, Buckler boots deemed that many safety boots on the market were typically uncomfortable and were not sufficiently durable. Buckz Boots made it their mission to do better.

      Buckler designed their footwear around circumventing these drawbacks, instead creating a range of premium safety boots, trainers, and wellies with a strict focus on quality, strength, and durability. Buckboots have a unique “body and sole together forever” guarantee and are known in the safety footwear industry for the reliability and comfort of their products.

      Types of Buckler boots

      Sold exclusively through their trusted dealer networks, Buckler have a variety of different types of safety footwear in their range. Everything from essential Buckler safety and work boots with staple workwear features like Buck boots steel toes, to more specialised boots like Buckler dealer boots and Rigger boots.

      Buckler footwear can be generally separated into either safety or non-safety footwear. Safety covers the Buckler boots and shoes that have some form of protection features. These features could be anything from fundamentals of the boot construction process, like the materials of the boot and how its made, to specific additions like Buck boots steel toe, composite toe caps or hi-visibility piping incorporated throughout.

      On the other hand, we have non-safety boots. No extra, unnecessary weight needed or heat added, just a boot, trainer, or shoe that is comfortable and gets the job done. Buckler non-safety boots would be ideal for those working in the public services, logistics, and facilities industries.

      There are Buckler boots with different types of fastening mechanisms, such as Buckler lace-up boots and Buckler slip-on boots. Slip-on boots and shoes are very convenient due to their “slip-on” nature. Buckler manufactures slip-on boots made from leather and also neoprene when it comes to wellington boots, which are all slip-on styled. A Buckler slip-on boot would be well-suited for oil rig workers who need to frequently take their boots on and off. This is also why the appropriately named rigger boots are all slip-on boots.

      Buckler lace-up boots are exactly as they sound. Having laces on the boot, trainer or shoe means that the fit can be adjusted for maximum comfort and grip. Buckler lace-up boots provide excellent ankle support and general durability and, as such, are well-suited to agricultural or construction-based professions. With most Buckler boots being made from leather, the use of laces will give you a more professional look.

      Buckler Dealer boots are purpose-built to be easily slipped on and off, no laces required. Buckbootz achieves this by using elastic on the side of their Dealer boots. Their B1150 dealer boot style combined rugged construction with the professional look of leather to create a boot widely applicable to a multitude of work environments.

      Buckler Rigger boots are another type of slip-on boot that Buckbootz makes. Rigger boots were originally made for oil rig workers, but are worn today as a general work boot. Buckler typically includes steel toe caps, ankle padding protection, and waterproof membranes in these types of boots to ensure the boots are capable of protecting you but also keeping you comfy and dry whilst wearing them.

      One of the most important ranges out of Buckler’s whole arsenal is their buckbootz wellies collection. Among the new product developments and innovations, Buckler boots brought to the premium safety boots market, perhaps the most important is the Buckbootz neoprene rubber safety wellington, which became the no.1 product of its kind across all of Europe. Alongside the extensive list of safety features you'd expect from Buckz boots wellies, they are also fitted with specific features to make them excel at specific tasks. For example, the BBZ6000 boots, in addition to their existing EN standards credentials, have a certification in cold temperature insulation which means they are capable of being worn in temperatures of -17°C for half an hour or longer. This gives us a pair of buckler wellies that are well-suited for work in walk-in freezers or outside in such conditions.

      You can bring the look of the street to your workplace with a pair of Buckler safety trainers. Well-suited to being worn both on and off the worksite, Buckler trainers and sneakers are some of the most versatile shoes you can get from Buckbootz.

      Whilst not as prominent as the footwear side of things, Buckler also has their own range of work-oriented accessories, including buckler gloves and buckler boot socks. These accessories serve as the perfect accompaniment to the rest of your Buckler work outfit.

      Buckbootz Sizing

      Alongside the feel of the material on the insole and any special techniques used in the build, the size of boot you choose is the defining factor in being comfortable in your Buckler boots or shoes. To learn more about the foot size of our BuckBoots, you can simply check one of our Buckler shoe listings, as they contain an international footwear size conversion chart for both men's and women’s feet sizes respectively.

      Buckler Boots delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Buckboots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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