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Bomber and Pilots Jackets for Work

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      Pilot jackets and Bomber Jackets

      The bomber jacket, sometimes referred to as a pilot jacket, was popularised by air force pilots before later being adopted as a reliable and warm option for workers around the world. Our range of pilot bomber jackets has the features and characteristics you would expect from our workwear range but in a stylish and casual-looking form.

      Women and Mens Bomber Jackets

      As with most of our work jacket ranges, we have ensured we have pilot and bomber jackets for both men and women. Our collection of different sizes and colours means there is likely a women’s pilot jacket or a men’s bomber jacket out there for you.

      Hi Vis Bomber Jackets

      As with most of our workwear jackets, our pilot jacket range includes a selection of hi vis coats that can keep you both warm and seen. Such bomber jackets gain the title of hi vis thanks to their use of fluorescent colouring and reflective strips which catch the light and reflect it, thus increasing visibility. All our hi vis bomber jackets are certified as being so based on them meeting the requirements laid out in the EN ISO 20471 safety standard. The hi vis pilot jacket is then awarded a class from 1 to 3 depending on how well it meets these requirements. You are looking at bomber jackets that will keep you visible at work in the dark or at night.

      To take our bomber jackets even further beyond the norm, many of them have been coated in Teflon and similar materials, which excel at resisting dirt and oil. This keeps the hi vis bomber jacket clean for longer, which actually improves the lifespan of the garment in a couple of ways. Since the jacket is cleaner, it will need to be washed less. This means that there is less wear and tear inflicted from washing and fewer opportunities for the hi vis colouring to fade due to being washed. Moreover, since the jacket is kept clean in the first place, dirt is not obscuring the visibility of the bomber jacket, so it remains functional as a hi vis garment for longer than if dirt was allowed to build up.

      Padded and Quilted Bomber Jackets

      Since bomber jackets are known for their comfort and warmth, it makes sense to discuss some of the materials that make them so. Our thermal and padded bomber jackets gain a lot from their lining, which certainly has a massive impact on how warm the jacket is, with many of the pilot and bomber jackets we supply having pile lining throughout the body of the jacket and quilt lining the sleeves of the jacket.

      For those occasions when you think you’ll be working in adverse weather, but still want to be warm and comfortable, a Weatherproof bomber jacket might be just what you need. Certain materials like Bearnylon bring the weather protection that these bomber jackets need most. Aside from being extremely durable, Bearnylon is water-repellant, resulting in water simply beading off bomber jackets with incorporated Bearnylon.

      Bomber jackets delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver the best bomber jackets and pilot jackets to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock Hi Vis bomber jackets, and reflective pilot jackets plus much, much more from other industry veterans.

      If you would like to see our entire range of Work Jackets, you can visit our general jackets collection.