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      Whether it be because of the weather or the nature of work, it's safe to say that waterproofing is one of the most sought-after properties for any piece of workwear to have. Applicable to a multitude of different types of garments, including jackets, trousers, and overalls, waterproof properties can be added in a number of different ways. Portwest workwear uses these methods to create their waterproof workwear ranges and prepare the wearer for everything ranging from a quick light shower to harsh, soaking wet conditions.

      Portwest Waterproof Jackets

      Since they are the go-to upper workwear in the rain, it makes sense for Portwest to place emphasis on making a range of Portwest waterproof jackets. Since weather can be so unreliable, why not plan ahead and get a jacket that sees you fit for whatever conditions the day throws at you? 

      The use of materials like polyester microfiber and polycotton are what give Portwest jackets their fundamental waterproof properties. This is then further improved through the use of taping or welding the seams on the jacket, which closes the exposed areas so that no rain or wind can get through to the wearer. Portwest has made other additions to some of their Portwest rain gear to further increase the suitability for wet environments, including having hoods that can be attached when needed, having extended backs for extra protection, and having storm flaps to reduce the risk of wind and rain getting inside. 

      If the design is a couple of layers thick, the enhancement to the waterproofing may simply be the use of water-resistant material. If the water is that strong it makes it through the resistant material, it still has a fully waterproof layer to work through afterward, virtually guaranteeing that you remain fully dry. Of course with these measures in place to keep water and wind from getting in the jacket, you may be worried about getting too hot while wearing it. Fortunately, most Portwest waterproof clothing is also highly breathable and will draw pent-up moisture like sweat outside of the jacket so that you can remain cool. Jackets like the S530 breathable fleece-lined jacket and TX30 Portwest Texo contrast rain jacket include a plethora of these features which makes them more than ready for bad weather.

      Portwest Waterproof Trousers

      Matching their excellent standard of waterproof workwear jackets, Portwest waterproof trousers are treated with the same design philosophy and waterproofing techniques. Portwest rain trousers tend to use highly water-resistant fabric finishes which work to bead water away from their surfaces. This is usually more than enough water protection and is used on plenty of Portwest hi vis waterproof trousers, such as the H441 hi-vis rain trousers. However, if full waterproofing is necessary, Portwest sealtex waterproof trousers are just the ticket. Portwest Sealtex waterproofs are the most prominent sub-range in Portwests trousers collection and are, as the name suggests, focused on Portwest wet gear that has been made 100% waterproof by having taped and welded shut seams that prevent water penetration. Some of the best trousers in the Portwest sealtex range include the hi-vis RT51 sealtex ultra trousers with their welded seams and water-resistant finish and the appropriately named sealtex ocean trouser, which is capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions while remaining comfortable to wear.

      Portwest Waterproof Bib and Brace

      Portwest waterproof bib and braces are lightweight and practical enough for all your working needs. The stretchy nature of them allows them to easily fit comfortably over your work clothes and thus quickly apply water and windproofing to your outfit. There are two main Portwest waterproof bib and braces in Portwests portfolio, both of which fall under the sealtex brand. The first is the Sealtex classic bib and brace which is durable, lightweight, and stretchy. The waterproofing for this bib and brace comes in the form of the 100% polyester sealtex fabric and the water-resistant PU fabric finish, both of which are supported further by its welded seams which lock out the elements. The other main waterproof Portwest bib and brace is the Sealtex Ultra hi-vis bib and brace, which is much like the classic bib and brace only with a few more enhancements. Namely, this Portwest waterproof bib and brace is a hi-vis garment, and as such is available in vibrant hi-vis colours and has been fitted with heat-sealed hi-vis reflective tape. The Portwest ultra also has increased practicality, featuring a concealed chest pocket and an elasticated back for utility. This bib and brace have been built using Sealtex ultra fabric, making it innately windproof, waterproof, and breathable, qualities which the welded seams only enhance further.

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