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      Workwear Shirts

      Whether you work in an office, in the production or on a building site we have work shirts that suit your business. Long or short sleeves, and products in either a modern fit or a traditional fit, and in a range of designs and styles so you can find the type that suits you best.

      Perhaps you have a workplace that is looking for a professional solution to strengthen the corporate identity and brand. We offer classic shirts in neutral colours such as black, white and light blue - these can be worn under a knitted jumper, over a T-shirt or alone, depending on how many layers you prefer.

      We also have shirts that are great for trades with customer interactions such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters etc. Also for those who work outdoors in construction or other professions. We range quilted and lined shirts, which can be used closed or open. These tops are perfect for cold workdays, or can function as a replacement for a jacket in warmer months.

      Details for enhanced comfort and functional use include cuffs with button adjustments, pockets to be used for a pen or a mobile phone to ensure they are easily accessible.