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      The importance of good footwear in the workplace can’t be overstated. Whether it's boots, trainers or shoes, knowing what you need to best fulfill your tasks given both your workplace and job role are of paramount importance. The most extensive Portwest footwear range of the three types is certainly their boots range. Portwest boots offer a wide variety of safety boots filled with protective features, safety certifications and are made from a collection of premium materials.

      From Portwest steel toe cap boots to Portwest hiking boots, there will most likely be Portwest safety boots that suit your needs.

      Portwest Steelite Boots

      So named for the steel toe caps they have, Portwest Steelite boots are all fitted with a standard selection of safety features, then each pair is given additional characteristics to make it best suit the individual purpose of that pair of boots. All Portwest Steelite safety boots are anti-static, have shock-absorbing capabilities on the seat or the heel, and have outsoles that are resistant to both fuel and oil, limiting the chance of slipping.

      Depending on the purpose of the Steelite safety boots, they will be given additional safety features. Need a boot to survive tough impacts? The Portwest Thor boot has bumped the steel toe cap up to one capable of withstanding a 200-joule impact and has added protection to the midsole by reinforcing it with steel. For that extra toughness, the Thor Steelite boot also has been made from full-grain leather which is sturdy and water-resistant, ensuring these Steelite work boots will be great for work all day round, regardless of the weather. Need something to work in extreme temperatures? The FT05 Steelite Monsal Safety Boot has cold insulation capable of withstanding temperatures of -17 degrees, and a heat resistant outsole that will hold up at temperatures of 300 degrees! Portwest will have a safety boot that can help.

      A further subdivision of Portwest Steelite boots is Portwest Steelite protector boots. Protector boots carry the standard features of Steelite, but their additional features are specifically aimed towards protecting you from a specific type of workplace hazard. For example, the FD17 Steelite met protector boot still has a steel toe cap, anti-static properties, and fuel and oil resistant outsole, but uses an internal metatarsal guard to protect you from falls or collisions with objects. This is a particularly sought-after and unique property that makes the boots so well suited to use in heavy-duty industries like mining, gas, oil, and construction. A different Portwest protector boot like the FW09 Steelite Protector Boot has an added scuff cap on the toe, an SRC maximum slip resistance rating according to EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards, and an outsole that can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees, making it a popular choice among tilers, plumbers, and carpet fitters.

      Portwest Rigger Boots

      Want the convenience of work boots that you can simply slip on and off? Portwest rigger boots could be what you are looking for. By using the pull-on loops on either side of the boot, you can quickly pull these boots on when you need to. Aside from this convenience, rigger boots are known for their comfort and affordability, aspects Portwest excels at delivering.

      Most rigger boots are traditionally made from leather, and Portwest is no different. Their two most prominent rigger boots follow this trend, using split leather for their uppers. The boots in question are the FW12 and FW13 boots, which are also Portwest Steelite rigger boots. As such, they utilise steel toe caps at the front and energy absorption integrated into the design. At the bottom of these rigger boots is a polyurethane rubber outsole that has been tested on ceramic and steel surfaces to achieve the highest standards of SRC slip resistance is oil and fuel resistant and is also capable of being used in temperatures of up to 300 degrees. Also, thanks to cold insulation and fur lining, these Portwest rigger boots are excellent at keeping the heat in and your feet warm.

      As a waterproof alternative to leather rigger boots, Portwest created the Portwest Neptune rigger boot, which is made entirely from PVC nitrile. Retaining the steel toe cap and midsole protection of the Steelite rigger boots, the rest of the Neptune boot sets itself apart from its related boots by being 100% waterproof and keeping your feet dry. This doesn’t compromise the pull on nature, however, as the fur-lined safety tabs on either side still allow for an easy wear.

      Portwest Dealer Boots

      Similarly to rigger boots, dealer boots include handles and loops to pull them on and off rather than use laces or straps. The main advantages of Portwest dealer boots are getting a flexible, comfortable, and affordable choice of work boot with a multitude of safety features in tow, with the convenience of the slip-on nature to boot.

      The Portwest Trojan dealer boot, otherwise known as the S1P dealer boot, is the most popular dealer boot in the Portwest range, and looking at the features, it's not difficult to see why. This traditionally styled safety boot comes equipped with a protective steel toe cap and a piece-resistant midsole to reduce impacts from collisions with the boot. The outsole is SRC slip resistant and also fuel and oil resistant, making it a stylish and effective choice of footwear for a variety of industries.

      Portwest Waterproof Boots

      One of the most essential and requested features of any piece of work footwear is for it to be waterproof. Whether it's the soggy conditions you have to work in or just preparation for wet weather, it's always good to wear boots that keep your feet fully dry at work.

      There are several different ways Portwest implements waterproofing into their designs. The first is the waterproof material used in the boots, while the other is the way in which that material is integrated. Materials used on the upper, which make the boot waterproof, include many different versions of leather, including split, full-grain and crazy horse, and nitrile PVC. Dual membranes are one-way Portwest makes their boots waterproof, in which a 100% waterproof membrane is used along with a cold-insulating membrane to keep your feet both warm and dry at the same time.

      Portwest all weather boots have to have waterproofing qualities to live up to their namesake. Boots in this range make use of waterproof and breathable membranes and SRC, oil and fuel resistant outsoles to become a great choice of boot no matter the conditions you are in. In some cases, as with the FC57 boots, Portwest has made them without using metal at all, opting for composite toe caps and midsoles, which drastically reducing the weight and making them even better in all conditions.

      Of course, it's difficult to discuss waterproof boots without bringing up Portwest Wellington boots. For years it’s been a truth that wellies are among the most effective ways to walk around in really wet and mucky conditions. They have been made with mud and hazardous terrain in mind. Their sturdy outsoles give them excellent grip in wet situations and the usual rubber they are made from coupled with the tall design keeps the wearer's feet dry and dry all day.

      Portwest Boots Delivered Worldwide

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