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      Portwest Gloves

      The substantial Portwest gloves range encompasses different types of gloves that have been designed specifically for a multitude of industries and a variety of applications. There are thermal gloves for freezing weather, warm weather, chemical and oil work, and specific personal protective equipment for your hands.

      Portwest Thermal Gloves

      Portwest thermal gloves have been crafted to keep your hands warm at work no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Given a variety of factors like environment, time of day, season, and the nature of work, thermal gloves are some of the most sought after in the entire workwear industry, a need Portwest has recognised with their collection.

      A popular pair of Portwest thermal gloves are the A280 winter shield gloves. A durable and comfortable set of winter gloves, the A280’s are made from one of the most advanced types of man-made leather in the entire textiles industry, in order to guarantee the best comfort and warmth Portwest can offer. However, to reach this lofty goal, the A280 winter shield gloves need more than just leather, hence why Portwest fitted these gloves with fleece-lining for extra-strong insulation against the outside.

      Then there are the Portwest A140 gloves, which are adapted for a thermal grip design. These gloves have been specifically built for use in cold conditions and emphasis the importance of a good grip in such circumstances. To achieve this excellent grip, these thermal gloves have a crinkle latex grip design on their fingers, with the palm having been dipped in foam nitrile to increase the dexterity and ventilation of the glove as a whole. You want your hands to be warm, not too warm, so this breathability is greatly appreciated. The actual cold protection side of these gloves comes from the warm 10 gauge acrylic liner in the design, which also adds support to the build.

      Having all the protection of a cold condition glove, but looking like they could be worn anywhere, there are the Portwest A146 arctic winter gloves. These gloves use ¾ micro-foam nitrile to give the fingers of the glove full protection and protection against liquids, which reduces the likelihood of your grip slipping. The A146 gloves utilise one of the more recent developments in hand protection in the form of twin liner heat traps to keep them warm but not release all of the heat your hands have generated. But these gloves are also incredibly well-ventilated thanks to the use of a 100% breathable seamless liner and open back design to enhance breathability further.

      Portwest Nitrile Gloves

      Nitrile is perhaps the most commonly used material when it comes to safety gloves. Nitrile is so popular in this particular space because it is naturally chemically resistant and resists typical abrasions. Aside from a large number of resistances, including being waterproof, nitrile also doesn’t contain powder at all, meaning it is less likely to incur an allergic reaction or irritate your skin while you are wearing them.

      Nitrile gloves are extremely versatile and are worn by professionals across a multitude of different industries, from catering and car repair to healthcare. Given their long lives and general robustness and versatility, it's no wonder Portwest nitrile gloves are so plentiful.

      One of Portwest’s more popular Nitrile gloves is the Portwest A310 flexo grip gloves. These gloves have achieved a level 4 abrasion resistance based on EN standards, which is the highest level attainable, thanks to the nitrile coating incorporated in the design. The palm on these gloves has also been dipped to increase dexterity and breathability.

      Portwest Anti-impact Gloves

      Designed for work in the toughest work environments and heavy-duty workloads. Portwest impact gloves are created from tough materials that will protect the wearer's hands from serious impacts and collisions. Aside from blunt impacts, the range of Portwest anti-impact gloves includes features such as cut resistance, dipped palms, 100% breathable lining, abrasion-resistant nitrile coating, and more.

      A prominent feature across some of Portwests more recent impact gloves is the use of PVC impact pods. These pods are integrated on the back of the glove hands and fingers and work to absorb any impacts and disperse them across the glove before the hand itself can make contact with the subject of the collision. They are not rigid armor but are instead separated into plates where they don’t restrict the dexterity of the wearer's movement.

      As an example from their latest range of anti-impact gloves, we have the Portwest A722 anti-impact cut-resistant gloves. These gloves are level C cut-resistant and feature nitrile foam coating for grip. A feature specific to Portwest impact gloves is the reinforced thumb crotch, used for extra protection and durability on a part of the glove that can’t be fitted with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) pods.

      Portwest Disposable Gloves

      Portwest disposable gloves are a great choice for any work in food processing, mechanical or engineering industries, or electronic sectors. They even serve as great PPE equipment. Made from either rubber, vinyl, or synthetic nitrile rubber depending on the purpose, you can be sure the usual effort Portwest puts into their workwear has been applied here also. 

      Disposable nitrile gloves eliminate the risk of allergic reactions associated with latex gloves and the extra weighty synthetic nitrile formulation improves the durability of the gloves. Nitrile gloves are completely silicone-free which makes them a great choice for work involving electronics and glass where silicone would usually pose an issue.

      Poly-vinyl chloride gloves are super soft and stretchy so they are comfy and will reduce hand fatigue as a result. They are typically smooth, non-textured, and well-suited to work with food and animals.

      Lastly, there are conventional latex disposable gloves. Portwest’s powder-free latex gloves are manufactured from genuine natural rubber and have the dexterity and strength you’d expect from latex gloves from Portwest. There’s a good reason latex gloves are still being used after all this time; they work.

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