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      Scruffs Workwear - the full range and our view on it

      Scruffs hardwear was established in 2003 as a workwear and footwear manufacturer. Their aim was to make the purchasing decision easier for workers by delivering concise ranges of garments that were to the point and did what they needed to. “Scruffs is for the grafters” as they say, a brand built to provide the hard working men and women with what they need, and at a brilliant and affordable price point. Scruffs has the workwear and safety footwear necessary to make life on the job easier. To quote Scruffs themselves; “Scruffs. Job done”.

      Scruffs workwear uses the latest industry materials and techniques to make their gear suitable for a range of workers, in terms of both functionality and comfort. They utilise Cordura, a workwear industry staple, in key places of the garment to enhance the lifespan of their scruffs workwear by improving the durability of the items. For example, by reinforcing Scruffs work trousers with Cordura around the kneepad pockets, it ensures that the knee pads stay in place and the pocket itself has improved abrasion resistance. As a result, the pockets will function as intended for longer.

      The safety features in Scruffs clothing

      Due to Scruffs’ affordable pricing, you may assume that they cut down on features and characteristics in their range. We do not, however, feel that this is the case. The Scruffs clothing and Scruffs footwear ranges adhere to all the necessary  certifications and qualities as the best workwear on the market does. For example, Scruffs safety boots are awarded differing levels of effectiveness based on criteria laid out in the EN ISO 20345 safety certification. This standard takes into account features like being antistatic, having a penetration resistant midsole, or a water resistant upper and grades the footwear on how it measures up overall to these things. You can find a full list of safety features on our listings for each Scruffs workwear item.

      The Colours of Scruffs clothing

      With their focus being on creating a concentrated number of items with a broad appeal in each of their ranges, Scruffs workwear focuses on the in traditionally popular work colours. You’ve got your scruffs black work trousers along with grey and navy scruffs work trousers, so there’s going to be a colour that suits your outfit of brand well. The same can be said of shorts, with scruffs navy work shorts, black shorts and grey shorts all being readily available. Many Scruffs workwear items such as the Scruffs workwear hoodie and the Scruffs worker softshell jacket feature no nonsense designs, which makes them readily available for customising with your brands logo or imagery. If you’d like to request this service, just drop us an email and we’d be happy to help you out with it!

      Scruffs clothing for all genders

      Fit and comfort is obviously of utmost importance and Scruffs footwear and workwear come in a wide range of available sizes and fits to help workers find the ones best suited to them. Scruffs is proud to have worked alongside both male and female workers to create their clothing, ensuring they tick all the boxes of what each gender needs out of their workwear and footwear.  As part of their inclusivity, Scuffs clothing range varies from size 6 to a size 20, with footwear offering any size between size 3 to 8. Scruffs are proud to have gone above and beyond with their womens range in particular, with their collection of scruffs womens work boots, women’s t shirts and scruffs womens work trousers being designed from the ground up to be women-ready, rather than just using smaller versions of the mens workwear range like others in the industry may do. Elasticated and stretch sections help achieve a good fit, and active adjustments like moving the pockets or making the t shirts longer go a long way to helping women get a great fit.

      Our Workwear Gurus Review of the Scuffs Workwear Range

      Scruffs have a strong reputation in the industry and are a very popular choice for many tradepeople. We can see why this is the case. In our opinion, Scruffs offers an affordable range of garments fitted with the same great characteristics and features as other brands, frequently at a lower price. They are a driven and focused brand who know their audience and how to generate and maintain a broad appeal for their workwear and footwear. What’s more, the majority of their ranges look stylish and are great for outside of work as well. It’s a huge plus to get a jacket or hoodie that is practical and durable enough for work, yet also is comfortable and stylish enough to not look out of place down the pub right afterwards.

      Scruffs Workwear delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Scruffs workwear clothing to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.