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      Trousers are a key part of any workwear manufacturer's arsenal and Portwest's workwear offerings are no different. The trousers range is a clear indicator as to the brand's overall competence and knowledge regarding their field. It is fitting then, that Portwest trousers are one of Portwests best ranges. A great example of their design and dedication processes in action, Portwest has produced a large variety of work trousers for a variety of purposes and industries at very affordable prices.

      Two of the more prominent Portwest ranges that carry trousers are the bizweld and PW3 ranges. Portwest bizweld trousers were originally manufactured for use in the welding industry, like the rest of the range, however, their design and features have led to them being used by workers from all types of jobs. Bizweld trousers have a generous fit to them, allowing the wearer great freedom of movement and comfort all the working day. Additionally, due to the bizweld brand originally being made for welders, all work pants under this banner are Portwest flame retardant trousers.

      Portwest PW3 trousers are part of perhaps the most popular range in all of Portwests portfolio. PW3 workwear focuses on having a modern design and functionality of all the best workwear out there but at a reasonable and cost-effective price. PW3 trousers, like the T601 work trousers, get the added benefit of having the practicality that comes from being part of that range, by having a plethora of pockets, crotch gussets, and reinforcements in key areas of wear. 

      Portwest Hi Vis Trousers

      A necessity in some workplaces, hi-visibility workwear is crucial when working in low visibility conditions such as in the dark or at night. Coming in a selection of traditional bold colours, yellow and Portwest orange hi-vis trousers are just what you need for your hi-visibility needs.

      The reflective tape Portwest use to turn their garments into hi-vis variants is actually one of their own creations; Hi-Vis TexPro. This tape is lightweight and flexible, but what's more, it is also segmented, meaning it can be applied to the garments without the rigidness that solid, unseparated tape would have. 

      Being so close to the ground, it's likely your work trousers will be frequently subjected to dirt, mud, and wear and tear at the bottom hem. Over time this would usually obscure the levels of visibility of your legs, but this isn’t the case with Portwest hi-vis trousers, as they retain their visibility after numerous washes and for their whole life. 

      However, just because they are known for their visibility, doesn’t mean that's all Portwest hi-vis trousers have to offer. They still can have plenty of workwear features that you’d expect of Portwest work pants, including protection against the elements. Just one example of many from the sizable Portwest hi-vis waterproof trousers collection is the H444 hi-vis contrast rain trousers which have adjustable hems and taped seams to give them full protection from water and wind.

      Other Portwest hi-vis trouser safety features include reflective piping, which helps to add hi-vis to pants that otherwise wouldn’t have any, using 50+ UPF rated fabric to block out up to 98% of the sun's UV rays and using heat-sealed reflective tape which has been certified by EN ISO 20471.

      Portwest Waterproof Trousers

      Are Portwest waterproof trousers any good? You bet they are. Portwest waterproof trousers take advantage of water-resistant fabrics and industry-recognised techniques to create some of the finest and most effective waterproof work pants on the market. Portwest Sealtex waterproof trousers are the main sub-range of trousers here, in which the seams on the trousers are either welded or taped close to prevent any water penetration whilst also reducing the impact of wind. 

      The S556 vanquish trousers have been made from Portwest extreme fabric, which is already highly waterproof and breathable and reinforces them with taped seams to create a pair of trousers that not a drop of water could get into. Similarly, there are the Portwest Sealtex ocean waterproof trousers. As the “ocean” in the name implies, these trousers are equipped to provide the wearer with complete protection from bad weather thanks to their welded seams.

      Portwest Combat Trousers

      Known for their relaxed fit and various utility pockets, combat trousers seem a great choice for workers around the world who want modern-day work trousers. You can trust Portwest combat work trousers to be a rugged, long-lasting garment that serves your working needs well. 

      The most popular Portwest combat trousers are the C701 combat trousers, and it's not difficult to see why. Made from pre-shrunk Kingsmill fabric, these trousers are fitted with 6 pockets in total across the front, sides, and back, which, when combined with a variety of hoops and flaps give you easy access to the contents of all of them. With all these pockets, it's important that the C701 trousers have the capability to support them all being filled, hence why the key seams on these trousers have been reinforced for extra stability and the most prominent stress points have been bar-tacked. 

      Closely behind the C701’s in terms of popularity are the Portwest C703 combat trousers. These pants are made from special poly-cotton fabric which both wears and washes well. The C703’s are designed and rugged enough for years worth of wear and tear. Aside from the extensive 8 storage pockets, these Portwest combat trousers have a selection of other features, such as the inclusion of knee pad pockets to facilitate your knee pads should you need them and the use of 50+ UPF rated fabric in the build to block out 98% of harmful UV rays, a must for working outside.

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