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      Base footwear is an Italian brand of footwear that was built with the purpose of making comfort a top priority in their entire Base work boots and Base safety shoes ranges. Base believed that safety footwear was often built for practicality first and foremost, with all else, including comfort, usually left as a lower priority. Base wanted their Base protection footwear to embody comfort as much as practicality as they think comfort can improve a number of aspects of the work being done by the wearer.

      By making their footwear comfortable, the wearer is more relaxed and energised. This translates into increased focus and reactiveness while at work, meaning that every task is completed quicker, safer and to a higher standard. Being cautious and more reactive prevents mistakes being made,  which may help avert potential safety risks.

      The technologies used in Base Safety Boots

      Each of Base’s products are the result of a collaborative effort between engineers, creatives and designers working together to ensure that each pair of shoes or boots can handle the workload it is designed for. This involves the addition of various patented techniques and technologies that Base and their partners have developed. These are designed to increase the effectiveness of the boots and shoes by enhancing flexibility, breathability, durability and, of course, comfort.

      Working around water? You may want to check out Base safety boots with their H2ST0P tech inside. This feature prevents water from damaging the shoe or getting inside to the wearer's feet, whilst still retaining the comfort levels that Bases endeavors to provide with their footwear. It does this by heat sealing the upper to the lining. Base usually pair their H2St0p waterproof footwear with a “dry n’ air” breathable insole, which pushes the moisture from sweat out of the shoes to keep the wearer feet dry and comfortable, to the point that any Base protection safety boots and shoes with this insole can be worn for hours, both at work and outside of it.

      Base’s innovation doesn’t just mean they come up with their own original ideas, it also means they improve on and build their own versions of existing, widely utilised industry techniques. For example, their Base Slimcap and Spacecap technologies are innovations on the traditional safety footwear toe cap. Slimcap toe caps are, as the name suggests, thin toe caps that are non-metal and lightweight. Despite this, they are still as effective as other industry footwear toe caps, but being able to successfully offer the comfort that Base prides itself on. As for Spacecap, these toe caps are, similarly slimcap, non-metal in design. These toe caps have been designed to fit in well with the form factor of the shoe, maximising protection on more formal shoes without sacrificing style.

      As for a feature generically useful across many industries, there is the i-daptive® intelligent adaptive system. Shoes with this feature adapt to the terrain they are on and can make small corrections to the way your feet impact the ground, such as changing the axis of the foot, bringing it to the optimum position for comfort and posture.

      Base separates their product range into several different well-defined categories. For example, their platinum boots which are designed for tough surfaces and aim to still provide consistent comfort in difficult conditions. Then there's the planet range which looks like casual footwear but has the features necessary for the odd piece of work when necessary. These concise ranges are of great help in finding the right Base footwear for your individual circumstances.

      We deliver the full Base footwear range worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Base work boots and shoes to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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