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      There’s nothing strange about wearing hi-vis clothing in the workplace, with some businesses and industries even having it as a requirement to do so. When you think of hi-visibility work clothing, you probably think of bright fluorescent jackets, trousers, and vests. However, Buckler has applied this feature to footwear with their Buckz viz boots, giving the wearer additional visibility in dark, low-light conditions, such as at night or in drab weather.

      There are plenty of ways Buckler hi-vis boots stand out from the crowd of hi-visibility work-based footwear. Bucks viz boots may have a hi-vis lining that rolls down when necessary, reflective piping around the upper, or in some instances even EN safety compliant hi-vis fluorescent Cordura. Whether it's low light or no light, Buckler hi-vis boots will see you through alright. 

      The Buckler Hi-Vis Boots range

      There is a range of different boot types that Buckler has made hi-vis variants of. Dealer boots, lace boots, and neoprene rubber boots are just a few examples. Any Buckler work boot with a high focus on visibility is part of the Buckler bucks viz range. Regardless of the type of boot in the Buckz viz range, you can be sure safety, comfort and performance are all at the forefront of the design.

      Lace, zip, and dealer boots in the Buckbootz hi-vis range all take advantage of hi-viz fluorescent and waterproof Cordura, which is EN safety approved and used in all types of different workwear garments to strengthen them and extend their lifespan. The Cordura is strong by itself, not to mention hi-viz and waterproof, but when paired with a similarly capable cowhide leather upper, and sometimes even reflective piping, you are assured easy visibility in any conditions. The cowhide leather and Cordura are both waterproof and hi-viz which makes for a great combination on the outside of your work boot.

      Sticking with the exterior of the Buckz viz boots, the bucks viz range have their own outsole. They all come with reliable SRC slip-resistant and 300°C heat-resistant outsoles for stability and protection across various types of terrain and also a tough polyurethane scuff cap to reduce the likelihood of abrasions where they would usually be the most common. The outsole itself is made from deep cleated rubber which has been purpose-built to interact with the polyurethane top sole. 

      With this discussed toughness on the outside of Buckler hi-vis boots, it makes sense for the interior to be as well treated. All Buck Viz boots feature abrasion-resistant microfibre at key points across the inside of the boot to ensure this toughness is maintained. 

      Any toe cap or midsole penetration protection in the Buckler boots hi-vis range is made from 100% non-metal materials, such as composite. Using non-metal materials not only means the chance of the boot storing static electricity is reduced but also the weight of the Buckler boot as a whole is kept down.

      Each type of boot in the Buckbootz hi-vis range does have its own unique advantages. For example, the BVIZ3 dealer boot features elastic sides on it which are waterproof and hi-vis. The elastic sides help the wearer take the boot on and off quickly, as dealer boots are meant to do.

      Whilst not strictly part of the Buckz viz range, there are still a variety of hi-visibility Buckler wellington boots available. The BBZ8000 boot is available in a multitude of colour combinations and is the result of over a decade of continuous work on improving their EN S5 neoprene/rubber safety boot concept. It is the Buckler hi-vis wellie. This Wellington boot is certified as being 360º reflective, visible from upwards of 150m away, and even utilises Aerospencer breathable hi vis lining. When even the lining is hi-vis, there should be no doubt as to the suitability of these Buckler hi-vis wellies for work in low light conditions.

      Add in the distinctive colour schemes, 100% non-metallic build, and lightweight toecap and anti-penetration midsole, and we get a boot with the ankle support, look and protection needed to tick off all the boxes as a hi-vis wellington boot.

      Bucks Viz boots sizes

      To learn more about the foot size of our Buckler Hi-Vis Boots, you can simply check one of our Buckler shoe listings, as they contain an international footwear size conversion chart for both men's and women’s feet sizes respectively.

      Buckz Viz Boots Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Buckler Boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Have a look at our main Workwear Guru's collection to see our entire range of different hi-visibility workwear and footwear from all the top brands.