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      The Regatta Professional Hi Vis Collection

      For every type of workwear, be it work trousers, jackets or shirts, you will likely find a hi vis variant of it. Most workwear manufacturers will make an effort to include such variants in their product portfolio, and Regatta professional are no different. Given the advantages that hi vis clothing has, even being required in many different industries, many workers across the globe find themselves in need of hi vis workwear that can operate as a perfectly functional garment in its own right, as well as provide the fluorescent qualities hi vis workwear is known for. With Regatta Hi Vis, the well established brand has utilised their existing industry expertise to create workwear that will keep you both seen and safe.

      Being a brand built on a long history of manufacturing clothing for outdoors, Regatta have delved into the hi vis world before. For those walks in the pitch black or in vision obscuring weather conditions, Regatta developed hi vis vests, shirts and overtrousers. When it came to making Regatta hi vis workwear, they could use this established knowledge to effectively apply hi vis to the workwear in their professional range. While Regatta are known for their range of outdoor clothing and workwear, their hi vis range encompasses a whole variety of items; everything from hi vis fleeces and softshells to bodywarmers and jackets. Regatta have something hi vis available for every season.

      Regatta Hi Vis Waterproofs and other Work Safety Certification

      In order for Regatta hi vis workwear to be officially deemed as effective and up to the task, it needs to have the safety certifications to back it up. For hi vis, the most prominent is the EN ISO 20471 safety certification. This certification takes into account the colour, how much of the garment is said colour, and how much, if any, reflective strips/material is on the garment. The item is then awarded a grade between 1 and 3 depending on its effectiveness, with class 3 being the best. By fully complying with EN ISO 20471, Regatta have ensured that their high visibility workwear is fit for purpose and, furthermore, by having their hi vis range contain garments at various grades on this scale, they allow customers to select the right degree of hi vis workwear for them. For example, some will just want reflective lining on their Regatta hi vis softshell jacket for a bit of added protection, even if they don’t need it. In comparison, some workers that need a Regatta hi vis jacket might require one that is class 3 as they are a rail worker who operates both in tunnels and other low visibility environments. They would also need the rail industry specific hi vis certificate RIS TOM 3279 to operate in such condition, as is seen on the Regatta professional tactical hi vis jacket.

      Of course, the hi vis aspect is only one part of the workwear garment, and is often paired with other workwear features to make an effective final product. For example, a Regatta hi vis waterproof jacket like the Regatta pro hi vis 3 in 1 jacket, conforms to both EN ISO 20471 as well as EN 343, the primary waterproofing safety standard certificate. When theres dark skies and weather conditions are bleak, a jacket such as this will keep you both seen and protected from the elements at the same time, in addition to possessing regular workwear features like pockets and triple stitching.

      Regatta Hi Vis Softshell and other garments for all seasons

      Not all of Regatta’s hi vis garments are exclusively focused on cold and dark days. Regatta hi vis t shirts, hoodies and softshell jackets are just a few of the items that are worn in the interim seasons. When its warm but hi vis is still necessary to reduce the likelihood of accidents, a hi vis shirt like the Regatta tactical hi vis polo is a great choice. Want the warmth of an extra layer without the bulk of a coat? The Regatta Pro hi vis o/h hoodie is a great choice.

      Regatta Hi Vis Collection review form the Workwear Gurus

      Our view on Regatta’s hi vis offerings is that Regatta have took the already effective hi vis clothing they have previously made, and have worked to convert them to the hi vis workwear standard, including important workwear certificates like EN 20471 and RIS TOM 3279 that purchasing departments look for and are necessary for many different roles across the globe. The range has the workwear features and qualifications that make the garments effective workwear, but with the addition of hi vis colouring and reflective strips, the appeal of the range is only enhanced further.

      We deliver Regatta Hi Vis Workwear worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver the best hi vis workwear clothing to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock Hi Vis waterproof workwear, and hi vis flame retardant workwear plus much, much more from other industry veterans.

      If you would like to see our entire range of hi vis garments, you can visit our general hi vis collection.