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      Freedom of movement is a significant factor in many industries, with workers needing to move their bodies unrestricted to perform delicate or out-of-reach tasks to the best of their ability. There are many instances where a worker will require this freedom, yet are also subjected to cold and windy weather conditions. A work jacket or sweatshirt would certainly keep them warm, but would also very likely decrease the freedom of the worker's arm movement as well. Bodywarmers and gilets are a great solution to this problem.

      A bodywarmer and a gilet are mostly interchangeable terms, both being sleeveless garments that are both stylish and practical. A small difference between the two is that a bodywarmer is a padded thermal garment that is intended as an outer layer, whereas gilet functions as a thinner, lighter layer that can be worn either as an outer layer on its own or a middle layer below a jacket or coat. A work gilet or bodywarmer is perfect in early spring or late autumn days and is often particularly popular on construction and building sites.

      Since these garments are all sleeveless, the wearer can freely move their arms to complete the task at hand, whilst the torso is kept cozy and dry. Body warmers, gilet jackets, and work vests all accomplish this goal, though each type has specific characteristics which make them stand out distinctly from each other. Other than the practicality of helping you withstand the cold on-site, these workwear garments have a style to them, a look achieved without sacrificing flexibility. You will look like an up-to-date and trendy worker while still having the practicality necessary to do your job well.

      Protective Bodywarmers and Gilets

      Many of our workwear bodywarmers and gilets are fleece-lined or feature some other type of padding to ensure their warmth. However, our thermal bodywarmers may come with any number of other additions to keep the wearer comfy and warm. For example, many of our work waistcoats have handwarmer pockets on the front. They may also have a storm flap on them, which will lessen the effect of rain and wind on your comfort by keeping the elements from getting to your chest or back. Our water-resistant fleece gilets are affected by this even less.

      Hi vis Bodywarmers and Hi viz Gilets

      Should you happen to get caught in such conditions it helps to be as best prepared as possible, especially if you are working in dark or foggy conditions. It’s for this very reason that we have a hi vis body warmer range, which sports fluorescent colours to help you stay seen whilst working. Whether you decide to go for a traditional yellow or orange hi vis bodywarmer or a more distinct pink hi vis bodywarmer, you can be sure that this entire range has been tested on their visibility in low light conditions, and each item is classed according to its effectiveness and how well it meets the criteria laid out by the EN ISO 20471 safety standard.

      Fluorescent colours aren’t the only thing that makes an effective hi vis bodywarmer. Segmented reflective tape is frequently included on our bodywarmers. This is excellent at reflecting light and thus creating higher levels of visibility - obviously very important for health and safety in many workplaces. In addition, many in our hi vis bodywarmer ranges, such as the Portwest PW374 PW3 Hi Vis Reversible Bodywarmer, have applied the tape via heat, meaning it won’t be frayed or come off even after extensive washing. And all those gilet jackets with stain-resistant coatings are even more effective as hi vis garments, as they repel dirt that would usually dampen the hi vis aspects of the bodywarmer.

      Utility of Gilets and Bodywarmers

      If practicality is your primary concern, a work gilet will certainly do the job well. The inclusion of adjustable hems and elasticated waistbands also helps guarantee a form fit, which makes operating in the workplace that much easier, not to mention it will be a much more comfortable garment for you to wear. It's not all about looks though. Our utility jackets contain stretch material in their design. This improves the lifespan of the garment and further improves the wearer's freedom of movement. Gilets, in particular, are often designed with lightweight material that can make them feel virtually invisible to the wearer. Our range includes garments such as the Blaklader 3899 Winter Bodywarmer Waistcoat, with CORDURA® added to enhance durability Kevlar® is also incorporated to make the products, even more, puncture-resistant and improve the likelihood the bodywarmer will have a long life.

      Our bodywarmer range isn’t short of relevant workwear features. A plethora of chest, front and back pockets give wearers easy access to their most important tools and equipment and allow them to store plenty on their person. This includes specialist pockets like phone pockets. A tool vest would also be an effective garment for this situation.

      Reversible Bodywarmers and Gilets

      Something that helps the bodywarmers range stand out compared to alternatives like work coats is the possibility of a reversible bodywarmer. Particularly common with hi vis bodywarmers, being reversible means you can turn your body warmer inside out to wear it a completely different way, making it highly adaptable to both work and leisure. Wear the hi-vis version whilst at work, and look stylish with the non-hi vis variant when out and about.

      We stock both ladies Gilets and men’s Bodywarmers and deliver them worldwide

      Whether you decide to go for a traditional yellow or orange hi vis bodywarmer or favor an adaptable, reversible design gilet, we’ve got you covered.

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver the bodywarmers and gilets to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock hi vis vests, tool vests, and general work vests plus much, much more from many of the top brands in the workwear industry.