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      As a major player in the workwear industry, it's only natural that Helly Hansen has developed hi vis garments. Visibility is, of course, one of the most recognisable safety requirements in the world of work. Whether by personal preference or decreed as necessary by your employer, the need to remain seen on the job due to low lit conditions or night work is one that will always be ever present. 

      All Helly Hansen high vis apparel has been tested and certified as being effective under the EN ISO 20471:2013 European safety standard and has been awarded a class between 1-3 depending on its effectiveness. What class the piece of workwear is awarded is based on the vibrancy of the fluorescent colour on the garment, and just how much of the surface area is covered by hi vis material and reflective strips. Helly Hansen hi vis extends to practically all the types of workwear garment they stock, so HH likely has just the hi vis garment you have been looking for.

      Helly Hansen Hi Vis Jackets

      As a staple of any workwear outfit, work jackets are also commonly the most notable part of such an outfit. When we add hi vis to such a garment, we are making the work jacket all the more noticeable. Helly Hansen high vis jackets have been built as feature-rich and effective workwear jackets in their own right that just happen to be hi vis. The ICU hi vis softshell jacket is a great example of this, being class 3 hi vis as well as having articulated sleeves, adjustable cuffs and an adjustable hem, along with a variety of pockets to keep your tools to hand. It also sports a softshell membrane and extended back to protect you from adverse weather. Such weather may of course also result in lower visibility, making the hi vis qualities of this jacket all the more desirable. Visibility is taken a step further with the ICU 3-layer waterproof shell jacket that, in addition to the hi vis colour, has reflectors on the zip and collar to enhance your visibility no matter how you wear it.

      Helly Hansen Hi Vis Trousers

      Now that you have your Helly Hansen hi vis jacket, why not get a pair of hi vis work trousers to go with them? Helly hi vis trousers have all the features that make Helly Hansen work trousers great, just with a classic hi vis touch. They utilise stretch fabric and articulated knees for enhanced mobility. Cordura reinforced kneepad and hanging pockets aid the lifespan of the work pants, as well as giving the wearer increased protection and utility. All the essentials are here, just with the added benefit of them being hi vis at the same time. There are also features included in Helly hi vis trousers that have a dual use. For example, the Alna 2.0 Hi Vis Construction Pants have reflectors on the trouser legs which not only increase visibility, but also act as heat transfer panels that repel heat.

      Helly Hansen Hi Vis Hoodies and T-shirts

      A Helly Hansen Hi Vis T-Shirt can be a great option. This is especially true in summer months. It might still be warm at night or in darker places, but low visibility conditions still demand a hi vis garment. A Helly Hansen hi vis shirt would also be great if you are active and moving all the working day long and would afford you some well needed ventilation.

      As for a Helly Hansen hi vis hoodie or sweater, they can be perfect to keep on you in case you need that additional bit of warmth and you can pull one of these on on a whim. They are soft and comfortable for those winter months when the sun goes down earlier and its colder in general but also give you the hi vis elements you need.

      Helly Hansen Hi Vis Workwear Delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Helly Hansen high vis jackets, trousers and more to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Have a look at our main Workwear Gurus collection to see our entire range of thousands of different Hi Vis garments from all the top brands.