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      Portwest overalls and coveralls are versatile choices of Portwest workwear clothing - with a collection almost as extensive and as varied as the Portwest jackets or trousers ranges. They vary on fabric, style, and features - all designed and fabricated with specific trades, conditions, and purposes in mind. For example, Bizweld overalls like the BIZ1 are excellent at protecting the wearer from the extreme heat they would be around whilst welding,  and a Portwest boiler suit, like the C811, is able to pack plenty of pockets and utility in because it is a single one-piece garment.

      Just choose the correct Portwest overalls or coveralls for your workplace, you’ll almost certainly be ready to get to work.

      Portwest Winter Overalls

      Overalls and Coveralls may not seem the obvious choice for cold weather, but with Portwest’s winter overalls and thermal coveralls, you can be assured they are more than capable of dealing with it. 

      Most of Portwest’s winter coveralls utilise a combination of features that make them highly adept at handling tough conditions. Portwest winter waterproof insulated coveralls use taped seams that seal off any gaps in your overall or coverall fabric which gives you full waterproof protection and elements of windproofing as well. As for warmth, quilt lining, as seen in the S585 winter coverall, will give you cold-weather insulation on the inside of your garment and help keep valuable warmth from escaping. An alternative form of insulation is seen on the PW352 PW3 hi-vis winter coverall, which takes advantage of heavyweight winter padding and insulatex lining for maximum warmth and comfort. These overalls and coveralls manage to accomplish this while still being highly functional and practical workwear, having features like kneepad pockets, breathable fabric, and hi-visibility reflective tape.

      Portwest Flame Retardant Overalls

      On the other side of the temperature spectrum, we have Portwest flame retardant overalls and coveralls. Designed for metalworkers, welders, and electrical workers among other workers, heat-resistant clothing is almost a necessity for such industries. There's no reason you need to lose out on the freedom of movement and practicality of pockets that overalls and coveralls give you just so you can gain flame resistance; Portwest flame retardant coveralls can do them all. 

      Often denoted by their “FR” tag, the majority of Portwest flame retardant overalls come in under the Bizweld range, a collection focussed on supporting workers who are in the welding community. The shining example of Portwest bizweld overalls is the BIZ5 Portwest bizweld iona flame retardant coveralls. These coveralls have been fitted with flame-resistant hi-vis tape all over and as such are guaranteed to remain 100% flame resistant for the entire life of the garment, against contact, convective and radiant heat. What's more, it is certified to protect you against molten metal splashes, which is especially important for the metal workers out there.

      Another notable overall from Portwest's range is the Portwest FR50 flame-resistant anti-static coverall. Made from an innately flame retardant fabric, these coveralls have premium sew-on flame-resistant reflective tape to help you remain visible whilst wearing it. It is certified as having class 2 welding protection, further reinforcing the applicability this range has to the welding industry. The FR50’s are fully anti-static, which makes them a great choice for an electrician who needs to be fairly flexible whilst working. Regardless of industry, most wearers will be able to take advantage of the four concealed pockets in their work, proving that practicality isn’t forgotten just because flame resistance is the priority. 

      Variations of Portwest Overalls

      Discounting the minor differences between overalls and coveralls, there are still different yet similar variants on these designs that Portwest manufactures. Portwest Bib and Brace overalls are easy to put on over other clothing and are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. The utility pockets allow you to keep every tool in your kit with you and within reach at all times. In addition, it’s common to find kneepad pockets in Portwest bib brace overalls, allowing you to reinforce that area if you are kneeling down frequently like painters and decorators tend to.

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