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      Kneepad Work Trousers

      Workers in many trades and industries will know that they spend a lot of time on the job kneeling down. The constant stress this creates on both the worker’s joints can create short-term discomfort, or more seriously, long-term knee complications. The importance of protecting your knees can’t be stressed enough. Time off work is costly as well as uncomfortable and long-term consequences of not adequately protecting your knees can lead to more significant problems in later life. One of the core ways to help combat these issues is to wear kneepads in well-fitted trousers. Our kneepad work trousers have special kneepad pockets designed to accommodate multiple different sizes of kneepads. Some are top-loading, some sideloading  - a preference for ease of slipping the kneepads in and out, as well as preventing dirt from getting into the knee pouches.

      It’s not just about knee pad work pants and the pads. It’s very important to ensure a great fit for your trousers to ensure the kneepad sits in the right position when kneeling, offering maximum support and protection for the joint. We have a huge range of some of the best work trousers with knee pads on the market, providing a real variety of work trousers with kneepad pockets. With literally hundreds of sizes, featuring different waist, leg, and fit adjustments there is the perfect pair of knee pad pants for everyone in our range.

      Trousers with reinforced Knee Pad Pockets

      Spending time kneeling on the floor not only stresses the body but also creates one of the highest wear areas of trousers. For this reason, many of the kneepad pockets on our kneepad trousers are reinforced with materials such as Cordura and Kevlar. Cordura is a super strong and abrasive resistant fabric that is ideal when used in high-wear areas of clothing such as pockets and knees. Reinforcement in these key areas helps protect and ensure a much longer life for your pants.

      Mens Work Trousers with Kneepads and Women’s Knee Pad Pants

      We stock a number of top brands that offer specific kneepad trousers for both men and women. Ladies’ work trousers with kneepads and men’s equivalents both have similar features, for example, they both use Cordura and stretch material on the kneepad pockets to accommodate for differently sized kneepads being inserted. It’s primarily just the sizes and fits available that change between genders. Blaklader and Mascot are just two of the brands we stock those design trousers that specifically fit the female form. For example, the Blaklader men’s 1599 trousers are the male equivalent of the women’s 7115 craftsmen trousers. Again, as mentioned earlier, the fit is not solely about comfort, it is also a critical safety factor in protecting your knees by ensuring well-placed knee pads.

      Different types of Work Pants with Kneepads

      As with all trouser ranges we stock, no two are quite the same. For the feel and style of tactical knee pad pants, you would want to purchase some camo work trousers with knee pads, which will have deep cargo pockets to facilitate carrying any necessary tools or equipment needed for work. There may even be holster pockets included for practicality on the job and ease of access to tools and equipment when kneeling.

      Then there are the different materials kneepad pants can be made from, varying the durability and purpose of each trouser. For example, denim work trousers with knee pads, such as the Blaklader 1497 stretch denim trousers, have top-loading kneepad pockets that can be closed via velcro. They also have other typical workwear features like Cordura stretch and reflective details included. However, the denim material allows the trousers to come across as more casual workwear, with some denim work trousers also being suitable to wear even outside the workplace.

      Work Trousers with Kneepad Pockets delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver work pants with kneepad pocket trousers to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We have a full range of work trousers that will suit a variety of different trades and professions. We stock Blaklader kneepad pants, Mascot knee protection trousers, and even waterproof trousers with knee pads plus much, much more from leading manufacturers in the workwear world.