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      Rockfall is a family-owned British business that has been delivering innovative safety footwear ever since they were established back in 1997. The Rockfall work boot and Rockfall safety shoe ranges provide specialised and comfortable footwear for use across a multitude of industries and are renowned for pioneering some of the industry's latest technological developments, some of which they have helped pioneer themselves. The Rockfall footwear collection is comprehensive in scope, as it contains a number of different styles of safety shoes, from Rockfall safety boots to Rockfall Wellies and Rockfall rigger boots. It also contains an array of other below-ankle Rockfall shoes and Rockfall safety trainers

      Rockfall Boots Heritage

      Rock fall shoes are at the forefront of the safety footwear industry, innovating and utilising the most recent industry-recognised techniques to stay so. For example, Rockfall created the first electrical hazard footwear with an insulating sole ever seen in Europe.

      Rockfall are proud of their British heritage as a world leader of health and safety. They partner with leading component manufacturers to apply features to their footwear to ensure that they live up to the same high standards as their country. Features like the Boa fit system to dial in your shoe to fit your feet, and using non-wicking laces so that they won’t be ruined by ever-exposure to water.

      Rockfall Safety Boots features and technologies

      In order to excel in the ever-advancing work and safety footwear industry, Rockfall footwear have worked with some of the industry's leading component manufacturers, enabling them to improve the features of their shoes. 

      Rockfall Boots with Ortholite

      With the option of being fully customised to meet exact specs, Ortholite insoles really are tailored to your feet, and comfortable as a result. Their open-cell foam insoles compress less than typical foam insoles, up to 5% less in fact. Because of this, the cushioning and fit remain consistent for longer. This same open cell structure also naturally moves moisture away from the foot and to the outer parts of the shoe, where other techniques are then used to remove that moisture from the boot entirely, increasing breathability.  In addition, Ortholite insoles are, as the name suggests, lightweight. As such, they are ideal insoles and don’t slow down the movement of the wearer. 

      Rockfall wants to become the most sustainable footwear manufacturer in Europe by 2022, hence why they use widely recyclable materials and those which last longer than other alternatives. Using Ortholite, which consists of 5% recycled rubber helps towards this goal.

      Rockfall Safety Boots and Waterproof membranes

      Sympatex’s climate and moisture control technology excels at keeping the wearer's feet at a comfortable temperature thanks to the breathability it provides. This climate tech consists of three parts, a hydrophobic upper material, a membrane, and a hydrophilic inner lining. Each material plays a part in creating this breathability. The hydrophilic inner lining wicks the moisture from within the Rockfall shoes, keeping your feet sweat-free. The Hydrophobic upper material prevents water from entering the shoe from the outside but has holes that are able to allow air in. By removing sweat from the shoe, and reducing odour, but still allowing air to flow in, the wearer has a more comfortable experience overall which could potentially also improve their performance.

      Other Rockfall Boots and shoes contain Activ-Tex membranes which also provide a high degree of waterproofing whilst ensuring maximum moisture-wicking properties. This technology is well known for its quality and will keep the wearer’s feet dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

      Rockfall Force10

      Force10’s advanced durability has certainly made a great impact on the durability of Rockfall Force 10 boots. This strengthens two of the most important aspects of footwear durability: outsoles and scuff guards.

      Rockfall Freezer Boots and Rockfall boots with winter insulation

      Used in footwear by all the other major manufacturers, it's no surprise that Rockfall Safety boots use 3M Thinsulate to provide warmth in the coldest of environments. Thinsulate is thin and lightweight insulation used throughout the footwear industry to provide warmth and comfort in cold or damp conditions without making the shoe weigh considerably more. Aside from the usual grade of Thinsulate, Rockfall also uses Thinsulate Ultra, for Rock Fall work boots that handle even the toughest, and coldest of environments.

      Rockfall Activ-step insoles

      Activ-Step is Rockfall’s brand of comfort footbeds that can be used in Rockfall safety trainers, Rock Fall shoes, and Rock Fall boots to improve footwear performance. They increase the overall foot health and posture of the user.

      Rock fall Boots delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Rockfall Boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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