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      Portwest Safety shoes

      If Portwest work boots or Portwest Trainers aren’t a great fit for you or your workplace, or maybe you just prefer the more lightweight feel of below-the-ankle footwear, then perhaps you may be better with some Portwest safety shoes that will fit the bill. Fashioned in a variety of different styles, such as hiker shoes and slip-on shoes, this range gives you a plethora of safety features for your foot protection. Portwest shoes and come in a variety of different colours and shoe sizes so you can get a pair you like the look of and will fit you. In addition, Portwest shoes will often look great outside of work at more casual events, so this one investment will be widely applicable to a multitude of situations, both work-focused and not, regardless of the Portwest safety shoes price. 

      Portwest shoes come with everything you could need from work-based footwear. Beginning with the essentials, there are reliable toe caps and midsoles. Made from either rugged steel or a metal-free composite material that is light and anti-static, toe caps and midsoles protect against potential collisions and penetrations of your shoe from sharp or falling objects. All Portwest shoes also come with an energy-absorbing seat region that takes the impacts from your steps and gives you some of that energy back by pushing off the ground for you as you walk. 

      Moving down to the outsole, all Portwest safety shoes have fuel and oil resistant outsoles and some degree of slip resistance, whether that be anything from SRA ceramic slip resistance to SRC slip resistance. This is all officially graded against EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards, with SRC resistance being the highest attainable level on this standard.

      Portwest work shoes can be made from anything ranging from traditional leather to water-resistant microfibre. The materials they use vary depending on the purpose of the shoe, and the other features it includes.

      The Portwest ladies safety shoes range is as extensive as the mens, offering various sizes and the same levels of protection as the men's range. As an example, shoes like the FW49 steelite ladies court shoe have been styled for women, but contain the same fundamental safety features as mens steelite boots, including a steel toe cap, fuel, and oil-resistant outsole, and an energy-absorbing seat region for extra comfort. 

      Portwest Steelite

      Steelite is the Portwest shoe range so named for its reliable steel toe cap and pierce-resistant steel midsole pairing of features but also includes staple safety features like maximum SRC slip resistance, fuel, and oil resistant outsoles, and energy absorption capabilities. If you need a lightweight and reliable work shoe suited to multiple industries and environments, steelite shoes are for you.

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