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      Given the numerous hazards of the modern-day workplace, hi-visibility workwear needs to be more than just functional, it needs to be highly visible and include even more safety features. Portwest hi-vis workwear makes use of proprietary Portwest technology and the excellent design and craftsmanship they put into all their Portwest workwear clothing to create some of the best and most varied hi-vis clothing ranges on the market, with everything from hi vis jackets and trousers to hi-vis hoodies and bodywarmers.

      Portwest hi-vis clothing utilises Portwests own lightweight and flexible hi-vis reflective tape, known as HiVisTex Pro. This tape is segmented so that it can be split into sections and used throughout the design of the garment without restricting the wearer's movement as a rigid long strip of tape would do. This allows the garment to still fulfill its hi-vis needs but without compromising on its practicality.

      A vast amount of these garments deploying this technology are Portwest hi vis waterproof jackets, which use taped seams and storm flaps to keep water and wind from getting through to you.

      Portwest Hi Vis Jackets

      It makes complete sense that the most prominent item of clothing you wear should be the one that is equipped with the most noticeable Portwest high visibility features. The large number of different types of jackets Portwest allows the hi-vis jackets range to cater to a wide range of industries and professionals who can get the specific type of hi-vis jacket they need for their job. This includes everything from lightweight and thin Portwest hi vis softshell jackets, to the middle-ground Portwest hi-vis bomber jackets and pilot jackets to the fully equipped Portwest 3 in 1 jacket for workers who value practicality and utility above all else.

      The Portwest 3 in 1 jacket standout in this range as being unique, in that they, as the name implies, can be worn in up to three different combinations, making them a versatile choice in the hi-vis space. You can simply alter the configuration to make the jacket suitable for your working environment or weather conditions, as and when it suits you. As a few examples of how these jackets can be altered, let's look at the C467 Portwest hi vis bomber jacket. Firstly, this jacket has detachable sleeves, so they can be removed when you’re in warmer conditions or don’t need as much protection. In addition, the fur liner and fur collar provide even more options for the wearer. Add in a concealed hood that is also removable, and you have a plethora of ways you can wear this jacket.   

      One of the more popular ranges of Portwest hi-vis jackets is the hi-vis traffic jackets collection. Thanks to the large number of safety features they have, and them using 100% polyester fabric and a rugged oxford weave, Portwest hi-vis traffic jackets are ideal for outdoor work. 

      Portwest hi-vis softshell jackets, such as the PW3 softshell jacket, utilise lightweight 3-layer fabric to make themselves breathable, water-resistant, and windproof, and a capable choice in most weather conditions. But more than this, Portwest hi-vis softshells have the practical safety features to enable workers to still function as if the weather wasn’t a factor. Concealed mobile phone pockets, large side pockets, and the Ezee zip system allow for quick and easy fastening, even when wearing gloves!

      Portwest Hi Vis Trousers

      Next, there are Portwest hi-vis trousers. Whilst the hi-vis jackets range is impressive, it wouldn’t be fair to discount the value of Portwests trousers either, with their own range of exclusive and innovative techniques. One of these is exemplified by the Portwest PW303 lightweight hi-vis trouser. By using two-way stretch fabric, Portwest has been able to create a stretch work trouser that offers great freedom of movement, yet is also hi-vis. The hi-vis qualities here are augmented further by the use of HiVisTex Pro tape at the bottom of the legs.

      Additionally, these trousers come in key colour combinations to give them vibrant and standout appearances so the hi-vis really shines. The main colour combos you can get are Portwest orange hi-vis trousers or fluorescent yellow trousers.

      Portwest Hi Vis Vests

      For the hottest conditions out, Portwest hi-vis vests are a great choice. Garments like the C496 madrid Portwest hi-vis executive vest have been designed to look professional whilst keeping you seen at work. The mesh build and openness of a vest allows these Portwest executive hi-vis vests to have maximum levels of breathability and freedom of movement, things all workers value if they are working on a scorching hot day. Aside from being available in a punchy orange or yellow, the C496 Portwest vest also has reflective tape on the front and back to give it that bit of extra visibility. This vest would be ideal for construction workers and quantity surveyors among others.

      Most Portwest Hi-Vis vests are certified according to EN ISO 20471 to remain highly visible for over 50 washes meaning just one of these Portwest vests will last you a long while. There is no doubt you are certainly looking at quality with Portwest hi-vis vests.

      Portwest Hi Vis Overalls and Coveralls

      Portwest hi-vis overalls and coveralls are what you need to stand out in low-light environments. A winter coverall like the Portwest s585 winter coverall has a contemporary design and includes features like taped seams and quilt insulation to protect you from the cold. Given the snow, rain, and wind that usually come with cold weather tends to reduce visibility somewhat, it's important that this coverall has hi-visibility features to combat this. As such, the Portwest s585 makes use of reflective tape on the wrists and knees to help it stand out when faced with such conditions. What's more, one of the colours this jacket comes in features hi vis yellow on the shoulders and arms, truly making the coverall look distinct. Similarly, the S485 hi-contrast coverall also uses reflective tape, but in this case, is available in three different two-tone hi-vis colour combinations.

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