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      Portwest has a selection of zip hoodies, for when you want something comfortable to wear to work that still fits into your working role. More than simply a sweatshirt with a hood, Portwest hoodies have been designed to fit just how you want them to, with ways to adjust them to suit you, such as an adjustable cord and toggle for that secure fit. 

      Most Portwest hoodies are actually Portwest hi vis hoodies, or at the very least contain an element of hi-visibility, whether it's with reflective tape placement or by using contrasting coloured fabric. You’ll still meet any visibility requirements your workplace has, whilst remaining in a comfortable outer layer that you can take on and off with ease. This is so much so that the B305 Portwest hoodie is certified to remain EN ISO 20471 compliant after 50+ washes. If you bought this hoodie, you wouldn’t need to replace it anytime soon.

      The Portwest hi vis hoodies have similar features to Portwest jackets and coats, so you need not worry about your choice of upper clothing compromising your safety. Aside from reflective tape, Portwest hoodies use 50+ UPF rated fabric on them, which blocks out 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays. 

      While all the Portwest hoodies have safety features, the DX472 stands out for being the perfect blend of style and practicality. Sporting a modern aesthetic, the DX472 hoodie makes use of dynamic inner contrasting fabric to make it stand out on the worksite, without having full-grade hi-vis which would interfere with its style. 

      Aside from the contrast of the fabric, it is also moisture-wicking which removes sweat out of the hoodie, keeping the wearer cool and dry in the process.  Add these features to the six different storage pockets scattered around the hoodie, and you are left with an innovative and contemporary Portwest hoodie ready for the modern workplace.

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