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      As an all in one workwear garment, overalls are convenient, a great way of protecting yourself from head to toe against the environment - whether that be dirt, cold or other factors. They are as tough and protective as trousers, often including similar characteristics like kneepad pockets and triple stitching, whilst also protecting your top half at the same time. Simple and convenient, you can keep all your crucial tools in your overall pockets, then simply put the overalls or coveralls on over your regular clothes and you are ready for work. This adaptability in both mens overalls and ladies overalls is just part of what has led to work coveralls being a much desired garment for tradesmen in many professions across the globe.

      Freedom of movement in work coveralls

      Flexibility is an important feature of workwear and is a feature that isn’t often discussed, despite its importance in many industries. Painters overalls, for example, are a well known and popular workwear staple. The little-to-no restriction on the upper part of the body enables workers to get into those hard to reach places that a jacket or shirt may not permit them to. All the while affording full protection against paint, dirt and more for clothing underneath. Convenient pocket placement available on decorating overalls, means everything you need for the task at hand can be kept on your person at all times. No constantly heading down the ladder to change equipment, or journeys to the van to get what you need.

      Mens work overalls and ladies work overalls fit for a variety of workplaces

      This flexibility has led to the rise in use of coveralls in agricultural industries, where any dirt or stains acquired from a long day on the farm or in the garden can be relegated to a single garment, minimising the risk of damage to other clothes. The nature of waterproof overalls or those with chemical resistances along with the freedom of movement are a primary reason why this is the case. More womens gardening overalls and womens farm overalls in particular are becoming an ever increasing demand.

      More safety and protection - hi vis and flame retardant overalls

      As part of the overall and coverall family, there are many clothes that exhibit specialist characteristics to make them ideal for certain work environments. For example, flame retardant overalls are built for people like sheet metal workers who are exposed to severe heat hazards at work. In a similar way, anti-static overalls are great for electricians or oil and gas workers. One of the more popular forms of this is seen with hi vis overalls, which keep you seen in low light conditions, and are often paired with other characteristics like waterproofing or flame resistance to create a garment well suited to specific environments. As an example, the hi vis reflective tape used on flame retardant overalls is often itself flameproof for this reason.

      The materials used in our work coveralls and overalls

      Overalls come in many forms and are made through use of a range of materials. Cotton is a traditional material that is still used in the construction of overalls and coveralls today, due to its comfort and breathability. More recently, workwear companies have begun to utilise polycotton in their work overalls, which blends the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester to create something that is the best of both worlds. Then there’s denim overalls, which are hard-wearing and hold up against mud and rain. These rugged designs are also quite popular to wear outside of work.

      Aside from the base materials, there are also materials used to reinforce work overalls, such as using Cordura to reinforce key points of wear like the knees, or applying a teflon coating to repel dirt (especially useful on gardening overalls). In addition the application of stretch material on the back often adds even more freedom-of-movement throughout a working day.

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