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      With something for all occasions, Portwest Jackets is one of their most extensive ranges of workwear, with each jacket being filled with the same level of design and attention to detail as the rest of the Portwest workwear portfolio. They have jackets appealing to job roles in specific industries, such as with Portwest chef jackets, different weather and temperature conditions, like with Portwest classic rain jackets, and of course not forgetting the several different styles of jackets which are available, such as Portwest bomber jackets and softshell jackets. There is surely something within the Portwest jacket collection that will appeal to you.

      Types of jackets (Fleece, softshell, bomber etc.)

      Before adding any features or deciding on the material the jacket will be made of, Portwest first must decide which type of jacket they plan to make. The style and type of jacket being made will have an impact on the practicality of the jacket as well as the aesthetics of it, both of which will play a part in a customer deciding whether or not that jacket will suit their needs. By having a range of different Portwest jacket styles, Portwest can appeal to as many people as possible without compromising their design and implementation processes.

      Bomber jackets are known for their casual appearance, but that doesn't mean that's all they can be good for. Portwest bomber jackets have the styling of casual workwear jackets but have discrete safety features woven in throughout to help make them a smart choice in any workplace. For example, the S533 Portwest Falkirk bomber jacket has been built to keep you dry and warm while you are out in it. This Portwest bomber jacket is highly water-resistant thanks to its 100% polyester build and taped seams to keep the rain and wind out. What's more, the Falkirk jacket has been lined from waist to neck with quality 100g quilt padding to keep the warmth inside the jacket rather than letting it escape. The purpose of this bomber jacket was clear and its features show that it successfully fulfils its purpose.

      On the other hand, we have the more apparent purposes of Portwest hi-vis bomber jackets. Certified as up to class 3 on the 20471 safety standard, these bomber jackets aren’t going to be as low key and casual as non-hi vis bomber jackets are. Instead, Portwest focuses this subsection on adaptability. Jackets like the Portwest S464 contrast plus bomber jacket have various detachable or modifiable parts to allow the user to wear it just like they want to. If you are wearing this bomber jacket in hot conditions, you can remove the fur lining on the inside by zipping it out, the same goes for the fur collar. What's more, even the sleeves are detachable, making warm working conditions a non-issue for this bomber jacket. On the other hand, you may end up working in the rain and cold, which isn’t an issue for this jacket either thanks to a concealed pack away hood that can be brought out when needed. 

      Then there’s also the other types of Portwest jackets. Portwest softshell jackets like the Carla softshell jacket are designed to look smart and professional whilst still being practical in a variety of weather conditions and work environments. Softshell jackets are typically lightweight, breathable and waterproof as well, packing it all into a two-layer coat. Due to the general lightweight and thinness Portwest softshells can achieve, they look great as smart casual coats ready for any condition. The breathable fabric draws moisture away from the body to keep them cool and dry all day whilst things like a storm flap and hood protect against wind and rain.

      Portwest Fleece jackets are another option and focus on warmth and comfort above all else, making them great for both autumn and winter.

      Portwest Hi Vis Jackets

      When you combine the already excellent design of Portwest jackets with hi-vis features you get the optimal garment for working in dark conditions; Portwest hi-vis jackets. Through the use of contrast colouring fabrics and vibrant colours, Portwest orange hi-vis jackets, and even yellow ones too, have helped workers maintain a standout presence whilst at work. What's more, Portwest has innovated with their very own proprietary, lightweight and flexible HiVisTex Pro reflective tape, which is segmented by design so it can be applied to workwear without restricting the wearer's movement like a long rigid strip of tape would usually do. 

      With these techniques at their disposal, any type of jacket can become a Portwest hi-vis jacket. As such, there are just as many hi-vis variants of Portwest jackets as there are regular versions; Portwest hi-vis bomber jackets, hi vis softshell jackets, and hi-vis traffic jackets just to name a few. 

      The best Portwest high visibility jackets have been certified as having class 3 visibility according to the EN ISO 20471 safety standard, which is the highest rating awarded and means that these jackets can be easily seen from far away, which will reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

      Portwest Waterproof Jackets

      Arguably the most sought-after feature of any outdoors jacket is that it is waterproof. Weather can be unpredictable, and that means wearing something that's always going to protect you from rain and snowfall. Portwest rain jackets are made from waterproof fabrics to keep the wearer dry. This fabric is usually polyester due to its natural ability in this field. Portwest then reinforced these levels of basic reinforcement even further via several different methods. 

      The first is through taped seams. By closing any exposed point in the jacket, it is further protected from rain and wind. Similarly, a second method is to seal the seams shut via welding them. These are known as Portwest sealtex jackets and include hoods and storm flaps as well as welded seams to secure protection against the elements. A third method Portwest use is adding a water-resistant finish to the outer layer of the jacket that will bead off water, Portwest has made it so water will have to get through this additional layer before making it to the actual waterproof part of the coat, which will have no trouble keeping those few drops away from you. 

      Portwest Thermal Jackets

      Across different industries, there is a need for workwear that can withstand extreme temperatures. Portwest has built their jacket range to include coats fit for such environments, with thermal and winter jackets for the cold and bizflame flame resistant jackets for high levels of heat.

      When looking at cold environments, Portwest wanted jackets that would suit people in cold conditions, whether they were exploring the wilderness, working in cold storage or simply needed something to keep them warm in winter. Portwest winter jackets pair waterproofing with thermal insulation via quilt padding or lining being used in the design. A hi-vis Portwest heated jacket may even come with a cutting-edge Insulatex heat-reflective lining panel, which reflects lost heat back into the body to ensure maximum warmth and comfort for the wearer.

      For industries that work with heat, such as welding, metalwork, and auto repair, a Portwest flame-retardant jacket is an obvious solution. Portwest Bizflame jackets are designed to provide optimal protection against various types of heat, including radiant, convective, and contact heat as well as being 100% metal-free so heat doesn’t get into your jacket from outside, and you run far less of a risk of picking up an electrical current. Portwest’s comprehensiveness with their flame resistance means that those Bizflame jackets with hi-vis reflective strips have been treated with flame-resistant industrial wash tape. In short, the strips are equally as flame retardant as the rest of the jacket!

      Portwest welding jackets are called Bizweld jackets and are flame retardant, and in some cases, also anti-static. They are more than capable of dealing with the sparks and heat that come with welding and will serve you well.

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