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      Making rugged clothes is hard work for most, but not for Blaklader Workwear. For over 50 years, Blaklader have developed our range of functional, high performance  work clothes and shoes for a number of professions. Today Blaklader are one of Sweden’s leading producers of heavy work clothes, making some of the world's best workwear.

      Blaklader’s comfortable hard wearing workwear 

      Blaklader devote their craft to designing and manufacturing functional, comfortable garments with an attractive design. Blaklader clothes designed so that they that look good in both a work setting or at leisure. That’s the result of long tradition, expertise and collaboration with users. 

      Blaklader clothes for all trades and professions

      Blaklader develop specially designed collections for companies that want to show off their own profile. This means there is something for so many professions. The craftsman, the electrician, the engineer, the carpenter, the landscape gardener, the plumber - right through to builders, construction site workers, engineers, welders, painters and more. 

      The famous Blakalder pants collection - quality work trousers with comfort and durability

      Blaklader Workwear is rightly famous for its gigantic selection of Blaklader work trousers. Whether it is the now famous Blaklader X1900 Trousers, the Blaklader X1500 range, their Hi Vis Trousers or their industry trouser range, each and every item is made with the specific wearer in mind. Day-to-day worker trouser comfort and the worker's specific environmental needs are always primary consideration. Comfortable but yet incredibly tough and durable Blaklader trousers are some of the best you can buy in the workwear world. And the array is gigantic, Blaklader pants have one of the industry’s widest ranges of sizes and colours in their range


      And it’s not just Blaklader work pants. Blaklader Jackets are an assortment for all seasons and all professions. Whether heavy winter wear for the arctic outdoors, lighter moisture-wicking, odour and UV-protecting summer wear, or something to perform for the in-between seasons of Autumn and spring.

      Blaklader Overalls and Blaklader Bib and Brace

      A massive selection of Blaklader overalls for mechanics, road and highway workers and many other professions, Blaklader Workwear is an expert in these garments.

      Be safe and seen with Blaklader Hi Vis work clothes

      Blaklader also have an extensive collection of safety and hi vis clothing. Blaklader Hi Vis has a very strong reputation across the world for not only being durable and bible, but being comfortable and performing in many different working conditions and environments. Classic colours of Hi Vis Orange and Blaklader Hi Vis yellow are integrated with reflective materials and fluorescent panels to ensure being seen and safe on the job is never a worry. Hi vis pants, Hi Vis jackets - right through to Hi Vis T-shirts, shorts and hoodies, Blaklader has your fluorescent Hi Vis safety clothing needs covered.

      Protection from the winter cold outside, the heat and sun, fire retardant and electrical protection, Blaklader safety and PPE selection has a huge array of PPE.

      Advanced fabric technologies - innovation in Blaklader workwear clothing

      Blaklader concentrate on market’s demands for function and quality. They are conscious that different professions have different requirements for the fabric in their garments. Blaklader work with fabric producers worldwide to create materials that meet these tough demands. Use of great new fabric technologies like Stretch, Cordura, ripstop, and indeed many more, are at the forefront of Blakladers constant improvement drive. Innovation is central to everything Blaklader do. We can see this as they aim for at least ten percent of their sales to come from products developed over the previous 18 months - Blaklader are always looking to create the next big thing in the work clothing space for workwear professionals

      Blaklader Workwear is tested, tested and tested again

      Blaklader believe that destroying clothing is a great way to develop it. It really puts the workwear through its paces. Blaklader employ testers in various industries who help them adapt and improve our products. Testing is done in all development phases, from design, in the labs, through to manufacture and on site. 

      Their lab tests wear and tear, rip and pull resistance, colour fastness and shrinkage. Blaklader regularly check materials at independent test institutes. 

      The only workwear manufacturer with a lifetime warranty on seams

      That’s right! Blaklader is so confident in the life of their workwear that is the only working clothes manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on its seams. Professional staff and modern equipment make this warranty possible. If a seam splits, as long as it has not been torn by sharp edges or tools, they will repair it or replace the garment. 

      Blaklader clothing factories are high tech and highly sustainable

      Blaklader keep full oversight of the production process by operating their own factories and limiting the number of subcontractors. This ensures they have greater transparency along the manufacturing chain. It helps Blaklader Workwear to maintain the highest standards of quality at every stage of production and ensure that our processes are sustainable


      Top quality production and high ethical standards for Blaklader Workwear

      Blaklader has high standards of production. Their factories operate in compliance with SA8000/ BSCI, which are global social accountability standards for decent working conditions for the employees. Both standards are based on the ILO’s core conventions, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. The performance of our factories is measured in eight areas important to social accountability: child labour, forced labour, health and safety, free association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation.

      Blaklader is an ISO 9001-certified, continuously working to create quality in their products and through their manufacturing.vThey are also ISO 14001-certified, showing they are constantly working to be as considerate to the environment as possible. 

      Take a look at some of the best of Blaklader Workwear in the following video...


      All important Blaklader size guide information

      We know that size matters. Alongside design and best of fabric technologies, comfort and fit are critical factors in performance. The most important tools for the job are the ones you wear. Garments are crafted with body shape in mind. Take a look at this video to ensure your Blaklader gear purchased from Workwear Gurus fits like the proverbial custom glove. Take a look at the video below or see the Blaklader size guides on images of every product to ensure you pick the clothes that fit you perfectly.


      Workwear Gurus deliver Blaklader Workwear Worldwide.

      That’s right. It’s not Just Blaklader UK. We’re Blaklader USA, Blaklader Canada, Blaklader Ireland, Blaklader Australia. In fact we’re Blaklader worldwide to you direct almost wherever you are across the globe.