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      A hi vis jacket isn’t an uncommon sight to see in the workplace. Wearing significantly bright and reflective clothing has several advantages, the most obvious being how much it helps you stand out, especially while working in low light environments like tunnels or outdoors work at night time  Having a team all wearing hi vis jackets will minimise the risk of hazards and mixups due to the improved visual communication the hi vis jackets provide. Our hi vis coats are all rigorously tested to ensure they all comply with the EN 20471 safety standard criteria, meaning there is a certain amount of the jacket’s surface that must be covered in fluorescent colouring and/or reflective strips. Based on how much of the surface is covered, the jacket is then given a class between 1 to 3 on the EN 20471 standard.

      Our hi vis coats can come in a wide spectrum of fluorescent colours, from the traditional orange hi vis jackets and yellow hi vis jacket options, to less conventional colours like blue hi vis jackets or a pink hi vis jacket, and even dark colours like black hi vis jackets that aren’t inherently hi vis but are made partially so thanks to reflective strips strewn throughout the design.

      All our hi vis coats and jackets are safety certified on the EN ISO 20741 safety standards certification, with work trousers ranging from class 1 all the way to class 3 hi vis coats. The more intense the visibility and more of the garment covered by hi vis colouring and reflective strips; the higher the class rating it.

      Coming with features and characteristics that make them a worthy match to any other workwear jacket on the market, our hi vis jackets are also excellent pieces of workwear in their own right, even if hi-vis was taken out of the equation. 

      Materials used in our Hi Vis Jacket range

      Of course hi vis workwear needs to be just as effective as non-hi vis, hence why we use so many different materials in our range. Of particular importance to hi vis work jackets, in particular, is the design of the garment and how it uses materials that accentuate the hi vis nature of the garment. As an example of the smart design present in our hi vis jackets range, we have our two-tone hi vis jackets. It’s smart from a design standpoint to create a jacket with two contrasting colours, especially in the case of a hi vis garment. This is because the darker colours used on the rest of the jacket help the hi vis colours stand out even more, emphasising their brightness and colour.

      As for the material we use, one of the best examples is how our hi vis jackets utilise Teflon. Many of our hi vis jackets are coated in Teflon, which acts as a layer of dirt repellant. Teflon and similar substances improve hi vis garments in a couple of ways. Firstly, since dirt is being kept of the jacket, the jacket will maintain its day-to-day visibility for longer despite being worn and muddied. This means it needs to be washed less often, resulting in the hi vis colouring not being dulled by repeated washing. Likewise, the effects of wear and tear due to frequent usage and the garment being washed constantly will be lessened if the garment has Teflon.

      For hi vis coats that need to be warm, we have quilted hi vis jackets. Using quilt panels or lining to keep body heat inside means you can be nice and comfortable while at work, comfort that only further improved if the coat in question is a stretch hi vis jacket that adjusts to your fit and frees up your movement. However, nobody wants too much heat in their jacket, which is why many of ours are also breathable and utilise materials like Goretex.

      Gore-tex hi vis jackets are waterproof hi vis jackets that allow the warm moisture from inside the jacket to exit, whilst not letting rain droplets inside, protecting the wearer and maintaining their comfort. In other words, Gore-tex hi vis jackets are breathable.

      Type of work Hi Vis jacket

      We stock hi vis coats in a variety of styles and for a whole host of different working professions. Just because a hi vis jacket is inherently formal, doesn’t mean it can’t still be in a style that suits your personal preferences. Our hi vis softshell jacket range is full of no-nonsense coats that exist to be unrestrictive and shield you from the weather, whilst keeping you seen. Water simply beads of our softshell hi vis jacket range and any item from the range will serve you well in adverse weather, especially since the jacket is hi vis, helping you stand out when dark skies are out. What's more Softshell jackets are made from woven fabrics, which give them a warm feeling and stretchy feeling, allowing for easy movement that wouldn’t be possible with more heavy-duty jackets, yet the warmth and comfort to be expected of a workwear jacket still remains. It’s no wonder why so many workers gravitate towards this style of coat for work.

      An alternative style is a hi vis bomber jacket or pilot jacket. After being popularised by air force pilots, the style and practicality of bomber jackets led to them being adopted as a reliable and warm option for workers

      Hi Vis jackets delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver the best hi vis jackets and reflective jackets to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock Hi Vis bomber jackets, and reflective coat jackets plus much, much more from other industry veterans.

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