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      406 products

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      Work trousers are very important clothing equipment. They have to be able to withstand the changing weather, repeated washing and diverse work situations – whether standing, sitting or kneeling. The addition of good-fitting knee pads is absolutely critical to ensuring comfort and protection for a very vulnerable and heavily part of the body while at work.

      Comfort, functionality and fit are critical regardless of the industry in which you work. Within our range at Workwear Gurus you will find jeans, thermal trousers, rain pants, workwear trousers with different details and functions, bib and brace pants and more.

      Our trousers have a number of technologically advanced fabrics and materials used to ensure optimum comfort, durability and performance. Many of our trousers are Ripstop material or use CORDURA® and Kevlar®, which are globally recognised for their wear resistance and pierce resistance, respectively. When your work trousers are reinforced at exposed places, they can handle hard wear - week after week.

      Wear resistance and a fit that ensures good freedom of movement are crucial and addition of stretch materials and even ultimate four-way-stretch can provide comfort when moving in all directions
      Maybe you require multiple pockets on your trousers - with specific functions that suit your trade.

      We also offer trousers in hi-vis that are suited for work situations where fluorescent safety workwear is required. Multi-protective and Multinorm pants offer protection against a number of hazards including anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant properties

      When choosing work trousers, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. First of all, it is extremely important to choose the right waist size and leg length. For example, the right length/inside leg measurement greatly influences whether your knee pad pockets are correctly placed. We offer a number of different variations of trousers in many different sizes, from the very small waist, short leg and long leg to plus sizes for larger waists and frames.

      We also offer a huge range of accessories, such as knee pads, belts and holster pockets, to give your work trousers even more functional options.