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      Blaklader’s knee pads are designed to provide maximum protection against wear and tear on your knees when you’re working in a kneeling position.  But choosing knee pads needs to be done correctly and the best choice of pads depends on what kind of work you’re doing - and what trousers you’re wearing. Factors to consider when choosing knee pads are: 

      • What trousers you are wearing 
      • How long you will be kneeling 
      • How uneven the surface is 
      • How much you will be moving about on your knees 
      • Your weight Personal taste and preference. 

      How to choose the right Blaklader Workwear Knee pads

      If you work frequently and for prolonged periods on your knees, you'll probably want heavy-duty knee pads like the Blaklader 4027, Blaklader 4032 knee pads and the Blaklader 4058 . These provide improved protection when kneeling on uneven surfaces. 

      They are thicker, so also offer better thermal protection than thin knee pads which is important to take into account if working, for example, outdoors in the winter.

      If you wear trousers with a narrow fit or a small size, you need to choose knee pads to match such as the Blaklader 4027 and Blaklader Workwear 4057 narrow style knee pads.

      If you wear trousers with a standard or wider fit or a larger size, you need to choose wider knee pads that will not slip to the side when you kneel down. Choose either the 4058 or 4032 knee pads.


      In general, people who are heavy require knee pads that are sturdier and thicker to prevent wear and tear on the knees. Our 4058 or 4032 knee pads are the right choice.

      We highly recommend our 4057 knee pads if you occasionally work on your knees and are looking for very flexible and lightweight knee pads.

      They are also suitable for people who are lightly built and who spend extended periods kneeling on the job.

      How often do you need to change knee pads? 

      There are no hard and fast rules for how often you should change knee pads. You can check the knee pads every time you remove them to wash your work trousers. It is time to change them when they start to look compressed and worn out. It is important that you check your knee pads regularly if you spend a lot of your work time on your knees.

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