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171 products

171 products

Blaklader Workwear Hats, Work Gloves, Knee Pads, Shoe care & much more 

Blaklader Knee pads

Choosing the right knee pads for your Blaklader knee pad trousers is critical. See our guide to choosing the right Blaklader knee pads for your trousers

Blaklader Gloves

Blaklader’s fine, airy work gloves are ideal for precise handling and light assembly work. The 2900 and 2901 are synthetic gloves, polyurethane dipped on the palm. The fabric on the palm provides certain resistance to oil and grease and the back of the glove is ventilated. The 2901 is sold in packs of 12 only. The 2932 is a lightweight, flexible glove with nitrile coating on the palm. Ideal for assembly and precision handling work that requires exceptional fingertip sensitivity and good ventilation. The gloves have elasticated panels over the knuckles and fingers to ensure a really good fit.

Blaklader cut-resistant gloves

The fabric of the gloves is reinforced with cut-resistant properties to minimise the risk of cuts and lacerations. It is important that cut-resistant gloves are selected according to the work requirements. Blaklader’s 2280 and 2282 are durable gloves with different levels of cut resistance. The 2280 has cut resistance level 3 and the 2282 has cut resistance level 5. Both gloves have nitrile coating on the inner hand for superior comfort, dexterity and a good grip.

Blaklader lined work gloves

Blaklader’s lined work gloves are available in a range of different designs to enable users to select the most appropriate glove for particular needs, task and environment. It all comes down to your requirements - Blaklader offers a wide range. Extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting for heavy-duty work. Flexible knitted fabric for tasks requiring meticulous precision. Or waterproof and secure grip for use in wet environments. These are just a few of the gloves in Blaklader’s range of lined work gloves.


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