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      44 products

      Waterproof Work Trousers

      Critical for outdoor and wet weather working, one of the most sought-after and near-essential characteristics there is when it comes to workwear is being waterproof. When out in the elements, waterproof work trousers are an important garment in the workwear wardrobe as they not only keep you dry but can protect you from all kinds of weather, including sleet, snow, and wind. If you opt for waterproof over trousers, you are able to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions by quickly pulling on the over trousers over your regular work trousers when needed. If conditions improve, you can take the waterproof over trousers off just as easily. 

      The waterproofing on our collection of waterproof work pants is achieved through a combination of the water-resistant materials used to make water repellant work trousers and the addition of taped seams. These prevent water and air droplets from getting inside. All waterproof trousers are made via this method, without taped seams the garment is only water-resistant. With the inclusion of taped seams, our waterproof work pants become certified according to the EN 343 safety standard - proving that they perform a great job at keeping rain and wind out. Water droplets will simply bead off keeping the wearer dry underneath.

      Characteristics of Waterproof Work Pants

      However, not all moisture will come from the weather. The best waterproof work trousers are also fully breathable, meaning that sweat and moisture from within the work trousers are bought through to the outside where they can evaporate. There are a number of breathable membrane technologies in our rain trousers, GORE-Tex being one of the best known, but certainly not the only one. Not only does this waterproof membrane eliminate the heat from moisture, but it also keeps you dry. In the case of over trousers, since they are being worn over existing work trousers this is even often even more acutely important. Without breathability, the warmth of two layers can cause even more build-up of heat and sweaty discomfort.

      Often also important is the lightweight nature of waterproof work trousers. Especially when it comes to over trousers because there is still workwear being worn underneath it. How lightweight women and men’s lightweight waterproof trousers actually are can have a serious impact on job performance.  Likewise, when working outside in adverse conditions often have active jobs where it is important to remain as nimble and unrestricted as possible, so it's important that worker waterproof pants are not only tough but also lightweight for this very reason.

      Hi Vis Waterproof Trousers and Waterproof Trousers with knee pads

      Aside from protecting against weather, our water-resistant trousers employ all the safety features that make them great work trousers in their own right. For example, waterproof trousers with knee pads. Having kneepad pockets on our waterproof pants allows the wearer to insert their own kneepads of the appropriate size and have increased knee protection when kneeling down. These kneepad pockets are usually reinforced with a tough material like Cordura to maintain the integrity of the trouser when being subjected to intense stress and to extend the lifespan of the trousers.

      Given the low-light conditions of wet weather hi vis waterproof pants can be an important component to remaining seen while at work. Fortunately, we have many hi vis waterproof trousers to do just this. Available in a range of vibrant, fluorescent colours, including orange, yellow and red, our hi vis waterproof pants are all certified as effective hi vis trousers based on the EN ISO 20471 safety standard regulations, meaning they are fully qualified to keep you seen in low light conditions. Teflon is used on many of our hi vis pants which helps stop dirt from building up, reducing the number of times you’ll need to wash the trousers whilst also helping the hi vis colours remain bright for longer. 

      Heavy-Duty Waterproof Work Trousers and other types of Rain Trousers

      We stock some of the best waterproof work trousers in the industry, including many different types and styles of rain trousers. We have waterproof work trousers with braces in the form of bib trousers, great for quickly taking on and off when weather conditions are rapidly changing. Then there’s the aforementioned over trousers, which you can wear over your other work trousers to further reduce the likelihood of water getting to you. Having these over trousers on will also protect your regular work trousers from the damage they may otherwise sustain.

      As for styles of water repellant work trousers, cargo pants are a customer favorite. Cargo trousers are appreciated for their casual look and sport an abundance of deep cargo pockets across the design, making them ideal for outdoor work. We have cargo work pants in a variety of sizes and fits, some even with elasticated waistlines, so you can be sure there will be a great fitting pair of cargo trousers in our range.

      Waterproof Work Pants delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver waterproof work trousers to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We have a full range of work trousers that will suit a variety of different trades and professions. We stock Blaklader waterproofs, Mascot water repellant trousers, and much, much more from other industry veterans.