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      Winter Work Trousers 

      For cold environments and climates, both indoors and outdoors, winter work trousers are a very important addition to the workwear wardrobe. Offering the same functionality and freedom-of-movement as our regular work trousers, but with extra features to make them well-suited to work in the cold. Such features include using quilt lining and padding as well as taped seams, which prevent water and air from getting inside the trousers.  Warmth is kept in and cold kept away from the wearer, allowing them to stay dry and warm for longer periods of time.

      As a way to measure how effective winter work trousers are at protecting the wearer from cold environments, all our winter garments, trousers included, are certified based on EN 342 safety standards and are each given a class between 1 and 3 to show how effective they are in this regard.

      Even though the primary purpose of winter work trousers is to keep out the cold and in the warmth, it’s possible the wearer might get too hot in the trousers, thanks to all that heat being trapped in. In addition, dampness from perspiration can be very dangerous if it is able to build up. A change in temperature or activity level can leave the wearer at risk of cold, discomfort, and in some cases even hypothermia. In order to reach the happy medium of being protected from the cold outside but not getting too hot, breathable winter work trousers are an excellent option. The inclusion of a breathable material allows the hot air and moisture from within the trousers to escape to the outside and simply evaporate away, whilst simultaneously having small enough holes in the fabric that the raindrops and snow can’t get through. GORE-Tex membranes are a well-known example of this technology, though there are now many protective waterproof membrane technologies on the market. Our trousers include several high-performance breathable fabrics. Having a moderate temperature level is crucial for the comfort and safety of the wearer, which is why breathable winter work pants are so useful.

      Women’s and Mens Winter Work Trousers

      As just described, winter work trousers are a vital part of a winter work outfit for workers subjected to cold weather or freezing conditions while at work. As such, we ensured we have access to a variety of sizes, colours, and styles of winter work trousers for men and women's needs alike.

      Additional characteristics of Winter Work Pants

      Creating and maintaining warmth is naturally a main focus of winter and thermal pants, but they also still need to function as useful, high-performance workwear garments in their own right. Our collection of thermal work trousers manages this by incorporating different characteristics and features into their design. These include the aforementioned breathability, and also extends to having kneepad pockets or being hi vis trousers. In the case of the latter, all hi vis winter work trousers are tested according to EN 20471 safety standards to ensure they are all up to scratch as hi vis garments. This is an especially key factor in the case of hi vis winter trousers because the hi vis trousers need to be bright and reflective enough to stand out when subjected to the harsh weather and conditions the user expects to be working in. The EN 20471 tests and certifications ensure the hi vis aspects of the trousers are not dampened and dulled by the harshness of the winter conditions, and thus also ensure the hi vis winter trousers will have a long and useful lifespan.

      Winter Work Trousers Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver winter work pants to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We have a full range of work trousers that will suit a variety of different trades and professions.  We also stock Hi Vis trousers, and breathable work trousers plus much, much more from other industry veterans.