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      Dunlop believe boots are not just a functional item. Wellies play an important role in the lives of professionals that work long hours in harsh conditions. Every day the Dunlop team aims to improve the design and quality of their boots creating  wellington boots that offer the best protection and comfort around.

      A company with the technological knowhow to produce tyres that grip in all conditions and hazards, it’s little surprise that their engineering excellence has transferred to production of strong, sturdy and non-slip boots that work in tough environments.  Dunlop are a major player in this market. With a history dating back to 1888 they now produce over 7m wellington boots every year.

      The diversity of the range means footwear for general and specific applications and industries. But with such a large selection of both womens and mens safety wellingtons in all colours and sizes there is something for almost every industry application indoors and outside - as well as non-safety versions that are the ideal boots for a walk out in the countryside.

      Great grip & maximum protection with Dunlop steel toe boots

      Crafted from hardy, moulded plastic safety wellies are perfect for a variety of heavy-duty environments, such as industrial and agricultural.

      Dunlop boots are 100% waterproof, and most have solvent and oil resistant soles which are ideal for factory environments.

      Many also offer all the features you’d usually get with a safety boot, such as a steel toecap and penetration resistant midsole, making them ideal for all sorts of tough work environments.

      Protective outsole technology

      Slipping and tripping occurs mostly during walking when landing on your heel and taking off from your toes, Dunlop pay special attention to these areas. Dunlop outsoles have outstanding slip resistance and grip are additionally dirt repellent and wear resistant, assuring a long life time of your boots.

      Dunlop work wellies & thermal wellington boot range - some of the best thermal wellies ever produced

      Wellingtons are a fantastic way to keep not just your feet dry. The ability to tuck trouser legs into your wellies, means your whole lower leg can avoid getting wet even in fairly deep water, puddles, steams etc. They also offer great protection from mud and other dirt.

      Dunlop wellies have thick soles and a quality lining in the foot area. Paired with thermal socks, you’ll be kitted out well for the cold weather.

      The Dunlop thermal wellington range is some of the best thermal wellies around. 

      The Thermo Plus styles deliver thermal protection in temperatures as low as -40 C - perfect if you are working in extremely low temperatures or in the exposed outdoors. 


      Dunlop Purofort wellies range - Rubber boots re-invented

      Dunlop rubber boots were revolutionised when they produced the first Purofort boots in the 1980s. Purofort boots are significantly more comfortable and longer lasting It’s therefore not surprise that over 10 million people are wearing these unique boots every day across the world.

       This video introduces the Dunlop Purofort boots

      Dunlop’s unique material

      With millions of evenly distributed air pockets, Dunlop Purofort boots are extremely lightweight and thermally insulated. The cross-linked structure provides flexibility and strength. Here is some science on the technology in this video



      The end of tired feet at work - Purofort are perhaps the most comfortable wellies around 

      Dunlop boots are often regarded as being the most comfortable boots on the market. End-users from different countries are confirming this as a fact. 

      In numerous trials Purofort boots have been shown by wearers as being the most comfortable. This is caused by the fit, low weight and insulating properties of their boots.

      In addition, Purofort boots are proven to show less abrasion compared to rubber. 

      What’s more, Purofort boots weigh up to 2.2LBs less than normal rubber boots. Thanks to this lightweight and supple material your feet will be fresher after a long day work.

      Increased durability and lifespan

      Purofort boots are 50% stronger than rubber boots - proven in tests that stretch the rubber to snapping point. 

      Dunlop Purofort lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional PVC or rubber boots, thereby saving you money on your total boot spend.

      Dunlop Acifort wellington boots

      Acifort is Dunlop’s unique invention of PVC, nitrile rubber and polymers. Nitrile rubber ensures a longer lifetime and better resistance to oil, fat, blood and chemicals. These materials add flexibility and comfort to the boots. For each individual industry Dunlop developed special Acifort boots for each individual industry to maximise this.

      Coutryside classics: Farm wellies and farmer dealer boots

      The Purofort Plus Safety Wellingtons are a firm favourite with farm workers all over the world. The compound has great insulating properties and this feature makes them an ideal choice for this type of agricultural work as keep feet at the correct temperature is just as important as keeping them dry. 

       Dunlop recognise this and have continued to develop the Purofort and Acifort collection to include a number of Thermo Plus styles which can deliver thermal protection in temperatures as low as minus forty degrees centigrade, which makes them an ideal option for cold store workers or anyone working in extremely low temperatures in or outdoors.

      As well as protecting against livestock and heavy machinery, Dunlop boots are resistant to manure, various chemicals and solvents. Their professional boots are the perfect solution for all activities around the farm: livestock care, milking, ploughing, harvesting and growing activities.


      Wellies in Catering and Food industry, Oil and gas and many industries

      Dunlop has a special range of boots for the food processing industry: durable, with a smooth surface for easy cleaning and disinfecting, and resistant to oils, fats, blood and relevant chemicals. Dunlop boots also offer hygiene for the worker himself, with anti-bacterial lining, moisture absorbing properties and odour control. As always, comfort is always a key consideration.

      If the normal Dunlop green, or black wellies don’t appeal, there are a number of other colour options.

      As well as having practical applications indoors - such as white wellies in catering - colour coded dunlop wellies are ideal for workplaces where cross-contamination is a risk too, each area having its own designated colour.

      Dunlop rigger boots

      If you’re carrying out tough, outdoor tasks, then you might want to consider Dunlop’s range of rigger boots which offer cold insulation to -20 degrees centigrade, and are available both unlined or thermally lined.

      Dunlop waders - thigh and chest waders

      From farming to fishing and professions where you are immersed in water Dunlop waders help keep you cool in summertime, warm in winter

      The Dunlop Purofort Breathable Waders are made of a 4-layer fabric with a waterproof and breathable membrane lightweight and prevent you from sweating. The breathable upper is combined with a full safety Dunlop Purofort boot, it gives you protection and comfort at the same time. Available as thigh wader and chest wader.

      In winter the Dunlop Purofort Neoprene Wader comes into it’s own. A Purofort full safety boot combined with a neoprene upper keeps you warm and comfortable protecting from serious cold conditions.

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