Softshell Jackets

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      What are Softshell Jackets good for?

      Softshell jackets that are good for cold and slightly wet weather. The vast majority of our softshell jackets are water-repellent, windproof, and breathable. This means that the rain from light showers, as well as the wind, are kept out while allowing you to get rid of excess heat caused by movement and perspiration. This helps keeps you warm and dry climate throughout the day. Some of the softshell jackets are also lined with soft fleece on the inside for increased warmth

      Many of our Softshell jackets have form-cut sleeves, giving you great freedom of movement while being active and working. To keep you dry, some models are free of seams on the shoulders, where rain can settle.

      Many of our Softshell Jackets have functional pockets with zippers which are perfectly designed for holding cell phones and other items you want to keep safe and near to hand. Some are Hi Vis - fluorescent properties often being crucial for safety wear others have dirt and oil resistant fabrics ensuring they appear clean for a longer periods of time.