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      Blaklader has a complete collection of garments for hard-working painters who want the absolute best in quality, function and comfort. 

      Blaklader Painters Trousers and Painters Shorts

      There are different types of Blaklader painter trousers with stretch panels (one with nail pockets and the other without) and a pair of Blaklader painter shorts with stretch panels in the crotch – all in a thinner and more flexible ripstop material which protects against rips and heavy wear. 

      Other items in the collection for painters include Blaklader paint overalls a Blaklader painters softshell jacket, painters fleece jacket, polo shirts, T-shirts, zip jumper, sweatshirts, hoodies and much more.

      Blaklader Workwear’s most recent addition for painters comes in wonderfully soft 4-way stretch fabric which is strong and elastic in all directions. The Blaklader 1079 painter’s trousers with holster pockets and the Blaklader Workwear 1089 pants without nail pockets are designed to withstand demanding tasks without compromising comfort and fit. 

      The trousers have advanced details and specially-designed pockets for brushes, putty and painting knives. The knee pad pockets are reinforced with CORDURA stretch for greater ease of movement. Soft, stretch mesh fabric at the back of the knee for good ventilation. Leg hem with reinforcement at the back provides effective protection against wear. 

      The Blaklader Painters shorts 1088 version of the Blaklader 1079 painter’s trousers also offer unsurpassed softness and flexibility. 

      Blaklader X1900 Painters trousers 1910 

      The Blaklader X1900 Painter pants and are a modern, comfortable and very flexible pair of trousers that make comfort and functional pocket solutions a priority.The high amount of cotton in the fabric provides the garment with excellent absorption qualities that prevent paint from seeping through and leaving paint spots on your skin. These trousers are fitted with stretch panels in carefully selected places such as the crotch, knees, backside and calves. 

      This Blaklader 1910 model has a specially adapted, CORDURA reinforced filler pocket and maximised nail pockets, plus CORDURA stretch kneepad pockets that provide you with the comfort you need. 

      Modern, Comfortable and functional Blaklader painters trousers for Women

      These new painter’s trousers with stretch panels are also available in a women’s model, the Blaklader 7910 Painter pants.  A combination of stretch panels at the crotch and CORDURA stretch at the knees and backside provides increased freedom of movement and comfort when you need it most in your daily work routines. These new, modern and comfortable painter’s trousers for women are universal in both their design and their flexible functionality. 


      The trousers are made with fabric that contains a high proportion of cotton which gives the garment a high absorption ability that prevents paint from seeping through the garment and onto your skin. 

      The garment’s array of smart pockets, such as its specially adapted, CORDURA-reinforced filler pocket, tool pockets and nail pockets, along with its external kneepads and back pockets all fulfil their functions with ease, making these painter’s trousers an exceptional all-in-one solution.

      Blaklader X1500 Painters trousers

      These are also very highly regarded often getting 5 star reviews from independent external reviewers.


      See the following video on the Blaklader painters pant range and more...


      Blaklader Painter Pants & Trousers - UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Worldwide delivery

      We deliver Blaklader Painters trousers UK wide. We also send Blaklader paint pants USA bound, as well as Canada, Australia, Ireland and across the globe.


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