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      206 products

      206 products

      Blaklader Pants with stretch

      Blaklader work trousers are famous for their quality and attention to detail. With over 60 years pursuing the goal of creating the ultimate work trousers it's easy to understand why. New materials and fabric technologies are constantly developed and used to their best possible applications. This includes Blaklader Trousers with stretch material.

      The all new 4-way stretch work trousers prove this. These are Blaklader work pants containing soft mesh stretch ensuring you will experience high ventilation combined with CORDURA stretch for improved mobility. The fantastic 4-way stretch fabric, a soft material that is flexible in all directions to provide optimal comfort and performance. They will feel like a second skin - once you've tried them on you'll never want to take your Blaklader work pants off!

      Craftsman pants, Blaklader hi vis trousers, Blaklader painters pants and service trousers are available with the 4-way stretch. Several of them are also available in womens fit.

      Blaklader trousers (2-way stretch) are comfortable and hard-wearing, with some of the styles featuring stretch panels. The 2-way stretch offers superior comfort and ease of movement where most often needed - lateral stretch. Craftsmen, high vis, painters and industrial/service trousers are available with the 2-way stretch, with several of them also available in women’s fit. 

      Blaklader Workwear trousers with stretch panels

      Blaklader´s modern, functional and comfortable trousers with stretch panels keep you looking your best, even when you are working hard. Blaklader pants are made in several different fabrics such as denim, lightweight, CORDURA NYCO, CORDURA Denim, Ripstop or cotton.  They are also available in a variety of colours and models making it easy for you to find your favourite.

      MAX: These are Blaklader trousers with stretch panels on the seat, front, knees, crotch and other strategic zones provide maximum comfort when it’s most needed. These trousers are an excellent choice for professionals who don’t compromise when it comes to quality and mobility. The Blaklader trousers marked with “MAX” shown below have more stretch panels.

      MIN: Most of Blaklader pants with stretch panels on calves, knees, crotch and other places are ideal for anyone looking for functional and comfortable work trousers. These trousers marked with “MIN” have fewer stretch panels but proudly deliver the level of performance demanded by professionals. 

      Blaklader Craftsman Trousers

      Blaklader Craftsmen work trousers made of a lighter weight 4-way stretch fabric that delivers the ultimate in comfort. The trousers have a slimmer fit and tighter look. Featuring top-loading CORDURA® stretch knee pad pockets, CORDURA® reinforced holster pockets one of which is zip-up, a ruler pocket and a hammer holder loop on both sides. The trousers have discreet reflective trim at the rear and adjustable ankle closures. The mesh insert at the back of the knees provides good ventilation, which is most welcome on long, strenuous workdays. 

      Blaklader X1900 Craftsman Stretch Trousers

      The Blaklader X1900 collection includes trousers in 4-way stretch fabric and stretch denim. The fantastic 4-way stretch fabric provides the perfect balance of quality, function, style and comfort. This means that Blaklader workwear trousers offer the best of both worlds in terms of performance and comfort. The trousers’ knee pad pockets are reinforced with CORDURA® stretch fabric on the outside and stretch fabric on the inside for increased freedom of movement.

      Just how strong are the Blaklader X1900 trousers? How many ummm... errrr... cars can each leg hold? Blaklader put them to this incredible test with the help of a 60 ton crane. The results were pretty spectacular... Just don't try this at home...