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      209 products

      209 products


      The full Blaklader High Visibility Workwear range 

      When it comes to being safe and seen Blaklader has a huge range of workwear that performs in all conditions, circumstances and works for all trades. Whether transport, highway, airport, building site, construction or any other profession Blaklader has a range of protective Hi Vis clothing that works in all weather conditions.

      Protective clothing certified according to EN 471 and EN 20471 provides the wearer with visibility in hazardous situations under all lighting conditions during the day and under the illumination of vehicle headlights in the dark. Blaklader high visibility workwear has you covered with this. High requirements are set, including for the fabric’s luminance and reflection. The garments are classified based on the area of visible material and in combination with the reflector area and specific design requirements.

      Blaklader Hi Vis Jackets

      Blaklader hi vis jacket range spans across multiple professions and suitability for environmental conditions. So, whether you're after a Blaklader Hi Vis winter jacket or a Hi Vis Rain Jacket, you'll be protected against the elements - and will remain safe and seen at all times, in all weather conditions!

       Blaklader Hi vis Overalls

      Blaklader Hi Vis overalls range and Hi Vis Bib and brace are also top-selling items in the Blaklader outerwear Hi Vis range.


      Blaklader Hi Vis Trousers - Pants work trouser rain pants

      Blaklader Hi Vis trousers are high visibility and high performance. Some of the best the industry has to offer. Whether you are after Blaklader Hi Vis trousers with stretch, hi vis pants with ventilation or the hard working Blaklader Hi Vis waterproof trousers that will keep you dry no matter what the rain or bad weather throw at you. 

      For warmer weather check our some of the Blaklader Hi Vis shorts with stretch collection. Also of course the Blaklader Hi vis kilt 

      Blaklader Hi Vis Hoodies and sweatshirts

      Blaklader Hi Vis Hoodie and comfortable hi vis sweatshirt-fabric garments. Ideal for both workwear and leisurewear. These classic garments can be worn as a set or separately. The soft sweatshirt fabric is brushed on the inside for feel-good factor. The reflectors are contoured for optimum range of movement and moisture wicking. The hoodies are certified to EN ISO 20471, Class 2 and boast functional details such as an inside mobile pocket and holes for earphones

      Blaklader Hi Vis T shirts & Polo shirts 

      The fabrics in the Blaklader Hi Vis T-shirts and Polo Shirts provide UV protection equivalent to the minimum sunscreen factor 40 according to EN 13758-2 and the garment is certified according to EN ISO 20471 - Protective clothing with high visibility.

      Blaklader Hi Vis Orange and Hi Vis yellow 

      Blkalder hi vis range is in a number or colours including classic fluorescent yellow and orange.


      Washing instructions for Blaklader Hi Vis

      Soiling impairs the visibility of the Blaklader Hi-Vis garments. For this reason, it is important to wash them frequently and to follow the washing instructions. Never wash Blaklader High Visibility garments with laundry detergent containing bleach, because this impairs the garment's luminance. Hi-Vis clothing can be stored in a dry, well-ventilated space. Where garments need repairing, this must be done using fabric and thread that meets the garment's standard.


      Blaklader Hi Vis collection available for UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Worldwide delivery

      We deliver Blaklader Hi Vis UK wide. We also send Blaklader Hi vis US bound  as well as to Canada, Australia, Ireland and across the globe.


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