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      The ProMan safety boots collection is a fully safety-compliant footwear range. The range was born out of a desire to bring the features and robustness of more expensive mid-to-higher range work footwear at a more affordable price. The collection is packed with the same attention to detail, premium materials, and design work as those offered by other brands in the space.  However, ProMan Boots typically offer great value for money with footwear at a significantly lower price than many similar products in the industry.

      Across the ProMan range, there are plenty of different footwear types, from ProMan rigger boots to wellies, trainers and shoes.

      ProMan Safety Boots collection

      The majority of Pro man work boots and safety boots are lightweight, which is both made possible by the design of the boot and the fact that they are 100% non-metallic. However, not including metal isn’t to say that Proman boots aren’t tough. They will still have a durable composite toe cap and midsole to help protect against falling objects or general workplace hazards. 

      Additionally, on the protection front, Proman work boots may have an Activ-tex waterproof membrane, which not only protects the whole boot from water but is also highly breathable, keeping your feet dry from moisture both outside and inside your boot.

      Proman boots also may have Activ-step comfort footbeds. These insoles are made from industry-grade anti-fatigue materials, ideal for being worn all day without your feet aching.

      The Proman Baltimore boot includes all the above features, as well as being anti-static, thanks to the non-metallic design, and being given the highest standard of slip protection recognised by the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard. It is a great choice if you’re after a Proman safety boot.

      Proman Rigger Boot

      The Proman range has all-purpose safety Rigger boots available as well. The slightly larger boot size and upper panels they tend to be manufactured with are great at cushioning your ankle and calf to make for more comfortable wear. Keeping with the theme of comfort, anti-fatigue EVA footbeds are sometimes used in Proman Rigger boots, even fur-lined in certain boots.

      Some Proman Rigger Boots come equipped with steel toe caps and midsoles which offer a non-compromising approach to protecting your feet from workplace hazards. Then there's the outsole, made of dual-density polyurethane, that is abrasion-resistant and naturally good at shock absorption.

      The Proman Chicago Rigger boots in particular are available in sizes all the way from UK 3 to 12, making it a good fit for practically anyone.

      Proman Wellington Boots

      For all your outdoor needs, over all kinds of terrain, a good old wellington boot may be just what you need. Fortunately, Proman has some great work wellies in their range.

      The choice of materials is as important with wellies as it is with any other type of Proman footwear. Some Proman wellies are made from a unique, crack-resistant PVC, a premium material suitable for use on a wellie. Similarly, PVC is also used on the outsole, which helps its shock-absorbing capabilities.

      Like any good wellingtons, these Proman boots have a water-resistant upper and are certified slip-resistant on the bottom, making them ideal for agricultural or construction work where such hazards may be plentiful.

      One of the more specialised features of Proman wellies is the inclusion of a protective guard. Some wellies have guards that are rated as high as 800 bar and have the “M” rating on the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard for having additional metatarsal protection.

      Most of the above features and characteristics are included in the Proman Washington Wellington boots, so this is certainly one you should take a look at if you’re interested in Proman wellies.

      Pro man Safety Shoes

      Need formal footwear that is still suitable for hazardous workplaces? The Proman safety shoe range could be exactly what you need. Lightweight and developed with materials of the highest quality, the level of protection this shoe range provides is still more than enough to rival many Proman boots. By using composite toe caps and midsoles, you are covered for basic hazards like falling objects and debris. The use of composite components here means most Proman safety shoes are 100% non-metallic, which is why the weight can stay down.

      In addition, the outsoles Proman uses are certified SRC slip-proof and can feature Activ-step shock absorbing Polyurethane.

      On the elemental protection side, the non-metal design means that the shoes are anti-static, and the inclusion of an activ-tex waterproof membrane makes the upper completely waterproof for those Proman shoes that have one. 

      Proman Safety shoes would suit you well if you work in facilities, security or public services. The Proman Georgia safety shoe is among the best of this collection of shoes and includes all the characteristics discussed above.

      Proman shoes and trainers

      The Proman range is full of all-purpose, lightweight work trainers which feel natural, casual, and comfortable to wear all day. Thanks to the roomy fiberglass toe cap and composite midsole, the foot can flex and move freely. This flexibility allows them to be made in sizes from UK 3 all the way to 15, ensuring you get a comfortable fit.

      The Proman trainer outsoles can be made from dual density Polyurethane, which gives the underside of the shoe inherent abrasion resistance and exceptional shock absorption. The insole doesn’t compromise either, as it is made from lightweight EVA. 

      The Proman Bridgeport safety trainer is well-equipped to handle your Proman trainer needs and won’t look out of place even if you decide to wear them off the worksite. They are that widely applicable.

      Proman Shoes delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Proman Boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Have a look at our main Workwear Guru's collection to see our entire range of different safety boots, work boots, and footwear from all the top brands.