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      278 products

      What should I look for in a Work Jacket?


      You will find all sorts of outerwear jackets to suit different industries, professions and safety requirements in the workwear world. Softshell jackets, parka jackets, pilot jackets, rain jackets and fleece jackets, among others. At Workwear Gurus we stock a huge array of different durable coats and jackets designed to suit different working purposes for different industries and trades. They are suitable for all working environments and weather conditions, hot, cold, wet, windy, rain, sleet or snow, there are a number of technically advanced fabrics and carefully thought out designs to help manage movement no matter what the elements throw at you over the course of a working day.


      Many contain special certifications that protect you against cold, rain and wind while still being highly breathable so you can get rid of excess heat without being cooled down. Others protect against heat, flames, chemicals or electrical (anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant amongst others). We also have a large range of Hi Vis, fluorescent workwear which is crucial for your safety.


      Some of the range are Multi-protective or Multinorm which means they cater for a number of different forms of safety protection

      As well as function, comfort is obviously extremely important. The right fit for freedom of movement while working is crucial. Lots of jackets include stretch technologies in the fabrics for ultimate performance.

      Many jackets are equipped with specific pockets and holders to help you carry your cell phone, tools and other work equipment while out on the job.