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      Work Jackets and Work Coats

      We understand the importance of jackets is paramount for all workers regardless of industry. A worker needs a coat that will get the job done and done effectively. One well-suited to their industry or specific job role. This is why we stock such a wide variety of different jackets and coats with characteristics and features designed for use in a multitude of weather conditions and work environments. We have everything from thin, lightweight summer work jackets for when its warmer to heavy-duty waterproof jackets capable of repelling the water and wind of a thousand storms. Along with great all-rounder jackets that can be used in a large variety of situations, we also have industry-specific work jackets, such as welding jackets and warehouse coats. There’s no doubt you can find the correct work jacket for your needs if you take a look through our vast range of items; just have a look and see for yourself!

      The characteristics of our Workwear Coats

      There are a few definite things that vary from work jacket to work jacket. One of, if not the, largest thing is the characteristics that jacket possesses Whether they be. Waterproof jackets, flame retardant coats, hi vis jackets or, lightweight jackets; all have several characteristics that make them well suited to certain roles or environments.

      Take a waterproof jacket. It's safe to say that an outdoors worker would need a waterproof jacket to protect them from rain and any other they are working around. However, our waterproof work jackets go above and beyond this basic function. While we use waterproof materials to keep the wearer dry, we also take extra measures to ensure they are prepared for other conditions they may face. If it's cold and wet outdoors, what else do they need? Well, what about windproofing? Those facing rain will likely be facing wind also, which led to the inclusion of taped seams in our waterproof jackets. Taped seams close the most exposed parts of the jacket and stops both water and wind from getting through the jacket layer to what's underneath. We can also approach this from a design standpoint by having the seams, not on the shoulders of the jacket, where rain will have more of an opportunity to get through. However, with this level of water protection, what's to prevent the wearer from getting too hot inside their jacket? This is where breathability is ideal. With a waterproof breathable work jacket, there are holes in the fabric of the material that allows warm air and moisture from under the jacket to leave and evaporate, yet are also small enough to not allow water through from the outside. If a jacket is both breathable and waterproof, it earns official classification under the EN 343 safety standard, giving credence towards this garment being suitable for wearing in the intense rain and wind. The effectiveness of the garment will be reflected in the EN 343 class it is awarded.

      Then we have fire retardant jackets, made from flame-resistant materials and designed for mechanics, welders, metal workers, and firefighters who need fire coats to carry out their job roles safely and effectively. Our flame retardant work jackets have been thoroughly tested so that they meet the safety criteria outlined in the EN ISO 11612 safety standard. This criteria includes the fire retardant jacket being able to defend against radiant heat, convective heat, and heat splashes. Aside from just fire retardant jackets standard, there are in some cases, specific safety standards for certain industries, such as the feature laid out in the EN ISO 11611 standard being specifically designed to provide protection against the hazards encountered while welding.

      No matter what the job role, a lightweight work jacket will be of great use. Having lighter workwear on means the wearer has an easier time moving around and much-improved freedom of movement, especially if the jacket sleeves are also easily adjustable. Furthermore, you needn’t worry about a lightweight work jacket not offering as much and utility as heavy dirty jackets, as our lightweight work jackets range, are just as prepared and well equipped as any other in our range, just at a significantly lower weight point. 

      Hi Vis Workwear Jackets

      To ensure maximum safety at night or in dark workplaces, we recommend a hi-vis jacket. Making this decision doesn’t mean you are in any way compromising the quality of the work jacket you are purchasing, but rather still includes the workwear features you need for your job, with the addition of fluorescent colour and reflective tape or lining to make you standout. This hi-vis colouring is an enhancement to our existing work jackets, resulting in our collection including everything from waterproof hi-vis jackets and lightweight hi-vis jackets to breathable hi-vis jackets and thermal hi-vis jackets.

      Our hi-vis coats have been tested to ensure they all meet the requirements laid out by the EN ISO 20471 safety standard, which is necessary for a garment to become officially recognised as being hi-vis. Based on how much of the jacket's surface area is covered, the jacket is then assigned a class between 1 to 3 on the EN 20471 standard. One such criteria on this standard ensure that the hi-vis elements will stay vivid for a long while, not becoming faded due to repeated washes or dirt. This ensures the longevity of the hi-vis jacket. When purchasing hi-vis jackets from us, you can be sure they will last and remain an effective piece of workwear in its own right, hi-vis or not.

      The colours of our Work Jackets

      Whether they be regular colours, or fluorescent hi vis ones, our work jacket range is comprehensive enough to ensure you can get the style of jacket you want, with the practicality you need, in a colour you like. If you want a traditional colour, why not take a look at a black work jacket or blue work jacket? We also have other typical colours, such as olive green, navy blue and grey work jackets in our range.

      As for hi-vis colours, they need to be bright and vibrant or at least include vibrant parts of them in the design. For this, perhaps an orange hi-vis jacket is what you need? Or maybe a pink hi-vis jacket? Then you have other typical hi-vis colour options like yellow and red to choose from as well. If you still want the safety that comes from a hi-vis jacket, but don’t want the overly bombastic colours, you could always opt for a blue hi-vis jacket or a black one, where the jacket itself is a darker, more typical work colour, but there are reflective/hi-vis strips on the design to still enhance the visibility of the wearer.

      Some of our hi vis jackets are two-tone in design, utilising a dark colour on the bottom half and a usual hi vis colour on the main, top part of the jackets design. This way, the hi vis colours standout more than they would if the entire outfit was made up of hi vis colours. In addition, any dirt that gets on the jacket as a result of work will only get on the darker coloured part of the design of the jacket, thus the hi vis effect isn’t lessened.

      Mens Work Coats and Women’s Work Jackets

      Ladies work jackets and men's workwear coats are both equally available within our work jackets range, in a variety of sizes, fits, and styles. What's more, there are no workwear features of jacket types that we stock which is limited to one gender or another, you can be confident in finding a jacket that suits your needs, regardless of gender.  Work jackets for men, whether they be outdoor coats, denim work jackets, or winter work jackets, will be just as functional and feature-filled as those womens work coats are.

      Types of Work Coats and Jackets

      There are various styles of workwear jackets in our range to get something that suits your sense of style and the needs of your job role. A favorite from our jackets collection is the bomber jacket or pilot jacket. This style was popularised by the US air force before later being adapted into a reliable and warm jacket for workers around the world. Our range of pilot bomber jackets is a stylish and casual-looking alternative to your conventional workwear jackets, with modern pockets and, in some cases, quilted padding, creating the warm and comfortable quilted bomber jacket.

      Another popular style of jacket we stock is the softshell jacket. Lightweight softshell jackets are made for those who want shielding from light showers and wind, yet also want a jacket that's easy to move around in and has unrestricted freedom of movement. Less weight means it's easier to move around and the already stretchy nature of softshell jackets, in general, synergises with this quite well, making movement a breeze. Many of our softshell work jackets also have form-cut sleeves, allowing arm movement to be freed up even further.

      Work Jackets Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver the best work coats and jackets to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock waterproof jackets, warehouse jackets, and hi-vis coats plus much, much more from other industry veterans.