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      Work vests are sleeveless, utilitous garments widely worn across the world's workplaces. Often underrated as a workwear option, a workwear vest operates in the same way as a gilet or bodywarmer, in that it acts as a light-mid weight layer that focuses on protecting the torso. A workwear vest can provide workwear with increased storage possibilities through pockets, D-rings (for keys or ID cards), and clips (for radio) which allow you to carry your work essentials with you without the need for a larger, heavier jacket or coat.

      Practicality isn’t the only benefit to wearing a work vest. Since a vest is sleeveless, it is an obvious choice for workers who require maximum freedom of movement. They can freely move their arms from the shoulder to get into hard-to-reach places or to more carefully handle delicate tasks. With the key difference between workwear vests and work gilets being that vests are lighter and not as bulky, vests certainly excel with regards to movement over their closest counterparts.

      Materials used in our Workwear Vests

      It’s important to ensure our work vests are comfortable. Using great quality materials enables a worker to wear them all day long without issue. For example, the Portwest C377 Hi Vis two-tone meshair executive vest is a mesh hi vis vest that utilises its mesh as a form of breathability, meaning moisture can leave the vest, whilst also not letting heat escape; ultimately keeping the wearer dry and comfy. Mesh is particularly useful in vests given that they are frequently worn in warm working conditions, and thus breathability becomes crucial.

      Colours of our Work Safety Vests

      Our full range of utility vests contains a variety of colours, including both regular coloured vests and fluorescent hi vis vests. If subtlety is the aim of the wearer, simply acting as another layer of heat-retention and utility that will blend in with an existing work outfit, then a black work vest or a blue work vest will do great. Want to have more of a vibrant appearance? What about a yellow work vest or green reflective vest? Then on the furthest end of the spectrum, for businesses who require safety above all else, there are fully fluorescent vests like red hi vis vests or the traditional yellow or orange vests. Simply choose the style most befitting of your needs.

      Features of our Work Vests

      Despite being lighter than a bodywarmer or gilet, our vests don’t compromise on workwear features either, being fully prepared for the hazards of a working day. Many of our vests make use of tough materials like ripstop nylon, which increases the durability of lifespan of the garment. Additionally, vests such as the Caterpillar Defender Insulated Vest have been coated in a water-resistant finish, to bead water off if you get caught in some unlucky weather. There is always the option of a tool vest as well, which is designed from the ground up to hold all your equipment, allowing you convenient access to it as well as being able to keep it all on your person at all times everywhere you go.

      We stock both ladies and men’s Work Vests and deliver them worldwide

      Whether you decide to go for a traditional work safety vest or prefer hi vis mesh vests, we’ve got you covered.

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver work vests to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock hi vis vests, tool vests, and general work bodywarmers and gilet plus much, much more from other top workwear brands.