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      68 products

      Fire Resistant Trousers

      Flame-prone work environments necessitate robust work clothing protection from fire and heat hazards. To grant this protection, we will always recommend flame retardant workwear, with flame retardant trousers being a key part of that outfit. The fabric and materials used in these special trousers have been chosen and treated specifically to prevent them from getting damaged by flames and sparks. When paired with flame-resistant upperwear like a jacket, the wearer is fully protected from the heat-based hazards they face on a daily basis. Fire pants are especially necessary for workers such as welders, mechanics, metal workers, and, of course, firefighters.

      The flame-resistant trousers we stock meet EN 11612 safety standards, meaning they have been thoroughly tested and approved for use as flame-resistant garments, so you can be assured that what you purchase will be fit for purpose.

      Flame resistance usually comes as standard on most of our multi-protective and multinorm trousers, which are work pants built to be everything a worker could ever need from their workwear. These offer protection against multiple hazardous conditions - extremes of temperature, wet, electricity, static and more as well. Many have additional functional features such as nail and holster pockets, advanced fabrics like Cordura and Teflon that offer reinforcement for strength - and, of course, flame resistance. If you have a varied or ever-changing job role, perhaps multi-protection trousers are what you need.

      Flame Retardant Hi Vis Trousers

      Hi-visibility workwear can also be an acute necessity when working around hazards of fire and heat, greatly reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring as all employees can clearly see each other. Naturally, this means that hi vis is a given inclusion on most all engineer, welder, or fireman trousers. Our FR workwear range is contains everything from flame retardant orange trousers to black trousers with reflective strips added, creating a casual-looking work trouser that still has hi vis elements and can protect you from flames.

      In the case of flame repellant hi viz pants, there are certain additional measures implemented to make the garment fully fit for purpose. For example, many of our hi vis work trousers deploy reflective bands, strips of reflective tape refracting light and enhancing visibility even more than the fluorescent colouring already does. In the case of flame-resistant hi-vis trousers, flame retardant reflective tape is used instead, one that won’t dull when exposed to smoke or heat. Thus even if visibility is severely impaired, the strips on these trousers will still shine through.

      Flame Retardant Pants Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver fire trousers to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We have a full range of work trousers that will suit a variety of different trades and professions. We stock Blaklader fire retardant pants, Mascot flame resistant trousers, and much, much more from other industry leading brands.