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      When utility is the name of the game, it's safe to say a tool vest is exactly what's needed. Having pockets and clips to carry all your work equipment, whilst being durable, lightweight, and allowing for maximum potential freedom of movement for the wearer's arms as any work vest should; is why tool vests remain so popular.

      Materials used in our Workwear Tool Vests

      Given their primary focus on utility and getting the job done, it is not a surprise our tool vest range is built to be durable, strong. This strength, along with its long life, is made possible through our use of some of the best workwear industry materials. To aid with freedom of movement, many of our work tool vests incorporate stretch material into their design to some degree. For example, the Mascot 19589-711 Hi Vis Tool Vest from the Mascot accelerate range has 4-way stretch built into its design. This means the vest can move freely in every direction, making the already stellar freedom of movement a tool vest provides a worker even better. Additionally, the ability to stretch means the work vest will likely have a longer lifespan as well, as if they are pulled or snagged, they are likely to return to how they originally were rather than being damaged. The stretch material in this case also happens to be water-repellant, which is another nice addition to have.

      For more heavy-duty tool vests and those that will be carrying heavy equipment, we use leading fabrics like Cordura and Kevlar as a means to reinforce the seams and pockets. For example, the Mascot Baza tool vest 15089-154 has kevlar reinforcement on the main chest pocket as well as hoster pockets that are made using Cordura. Due to this reinforcement, the pockets become more resistant to being pierced by sharp objects in the pocket and the stitching is more than capable of holding the tools and equipment you need them to without degrading or breaking.

      Work Tool Vests for Specific Professions

      Given the freedom of movement, long lifespan, and storage capacity, tool vests are particularly popular among sole traders as they have the flexibility necessary for some of the most popular sole trader jobs like plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, and the pockets and storage space to carry the many job critical items for such jobs.

      Hi-Vis Tool Vests

      As with other specialised types of work vest, tool vests come in an array of different hi vis colours, for all the workers out there who are working in low light conditions. Our range of hi vis tool vests has been tested to meet EN ISO 20471 safety standard criteria. They are all certified as effective pieces of hi vis workwear, each garment being awarded a class based on its level of effectiveness. The Blaklader 3027 tool vest is a great example of what our hi vis work vests are like. It is guaranteed to retain its fluorescence for over 25 washes, so you can be sure it remains a hi vis item for a good while after you’ve purchased it. This Blaklader tool vest, and many other hi vis work vests we stock, has reflective tape on the shoulders and body to reflect light to enhance the visibility of the wearer even further.

      We stock both ladies and men’s Tool Vests and deliver them worldwide

      Whether you decide to go for a traditional work safety vest or prefer tool vests, we’ve got you covered.

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver work tool vests, including specialist carpenter tool vests, electrician tool vests, and more, to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock hi vis vests, regular work vests, and general work bodywarmers and gilets plus much, much more from some of the industry’s top workwear brands.