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      Blaklader Safety Boots & Shoes - comfortable and and max protection

      When it comes to Blaklader boots it's important that your feet are not only get the protection they deserve but are also comfortable when you are active and on your feet all day in all conditions – this is essential in order for you to be able to continue with your work. The entire range of Blaklader safety shoes are certified in accordance with current standards and complies with European Personal Protective Equipment. 

      Blaklader work boots - Antistatic properties and ESD

      All Blaklader safety boots and Blaklader safety shoes are antistatic. In addition, Blaklader safety boots are verified as ESD products.

      Both antistatic and ESD properties are evaluated in order to prevent electrostatic discharge. However, there is an important difference; the antistatic specification in the EN ISO 20345 standard is designed to protect the person wearing the footwear, while the requirements of the ESD standards are designed to protect the product being handled by the person wearing the footwear. Blaklader's ESD safety footwear is approved by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden.

      Blaklader Safety Boots and Blaklader Safety shoes comply with important safety requirements

      Blaklader work shoes comply with all important rules and requirements. The list shows the various protection classes. Full information is on the Blaklader boots and shoes themselves

      S - The footwear has a toe cap that can withstand 200 joules of impact energy and a force of 15 kN.

      Class I - Footwear made from leather or other materials, excluding polymeric materials

      Class II - Footwear made from polymeric materials (vulcanised or entirely moulded).

      P - Penetratable

      HRO - Heat resistant outsole, tested at 300°C.

      WR - Water resistant footwear

      WRU - Water resistant upper part

      CI - Cold insulation

      SRA - Slip resistance on ceramic tile floor with sodium lauryl sulphate

      SRB - Slip resistance on steel floor with glycerol

      SRC = SRA + SRB

      FO - Oil resistant outsole

      A - Antistatic footwear, (0.1-1000 megaohms).

      E - Energy absorption of heel area (tested against a 20 joule impact).


      Blaklader boots and safety shoes are available for UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Worldwide delivery

      We deliver Blaklader safety footwear UK wide. We also send Blaklader safety shoes US bound  as well as to Canada, Australia, Ireland and across the globe.


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