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      Whether for at night, in a dimly lit room or in a pitch black tunnel, hi vis workwear is one of the most important forms of safety workwear on the market. It is a mandatory part of the working outfit in many industries. There's a good chance that when you envision the thought of “workwear” you think of a hi vis garment in a bright colour. With just how applicable hi vis workwear is, it's understandable that there exists a hi vis variant of most all types of workwear garment on the market. Hi vis overalls are no exception. There are plenty of workplaces and tasks that benefit from the freedom of movement that overalls provide, while also requiring the increased visibility of hi vis garments. The common safety certification is EN ISO 20471, but some industries such as the rail industry also have another standard RIS-3279-TOM. At Workwear Gurus we have hi vis overalls and boilersuits that meet all these standards. 


      Some of our hi vis coveralls and overalls utilise materials like teflon to reduce the impact dirt has on the garment, which means the hi vis parts stay brighter for longer. In addition, the placement of colour on many of our reflective overalls is done in a way that means the darker parts of the garment are towards the bottom part of the legs, where they are more likely to become dirty. The placement of contrast colours here heightens the effect of the highly visible parts of the overalls and makes them more impactful. These design features are particularly well applied to overalls thanks to their use in agricultural industries like farming and gardening, or at the rail and roadside where dirt and mud are common.

      Hi vis overalls in many colours

      Hi vis overalls come in a variety of different colours, typically also utilising reflective strips to help the wearer remains seen. Orange hi vis overalls are a classic, and a must for many rail workers where there is a requirement to adhere to their own specific hi vis safety standard RIS-3279-TOM. Outside of this there are also yellow hi vis overalls, red hi vis coveralls and combinations of colours like blue hi vis overalls - typically with yellow and orange - that are available. So you can get the colour you want or the one that works for your organisation’s own requirements.

      High visibility overalls with other characteristics

      While high visibility on its own is inherently useful, there's no denying that when hi vis garments are given additional characteristics and features, they become some of the best workwear garments out there on the market. Hi Vis waterproof overalls are great examples of this. In poor weather, namely cloudy weather, you run the risk of the heavens opening while at the same time being subject to reduced visibility; an ideal instance to wear waterproof hi vis overalls.

      What about hi vis flame retardant overalls? Due to workplaces like sheet metal working, which generate a bunch of heat and are constantly subjecting the workers to really hot environments, it makes sense why flame retardant workwear, including overalls, that are hi visibility in nature, are so popular. Hazards such as smoke and sparks obscure vision and, in particularly hot workplaces like these, can be full of hazards. 

      Worldwide delivery of hi vis coveralls

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver the best hi vis overalls and coveralls to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and most of the world. We send them to customers Europe-wide and across the globe. We have an extensive range of Portwest hi vis overalls, including those that are bizflame and bizweld ranges as well as the entire range of Blaklader hi vis overalls and Mascot hi vis boilersuits.

      Aside from just hi vis overalls, we stock waterproof overalls, flame retardant overalls and plus much, much more from some of the best brands in the industry.