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      Regulation of heat is very important while working hard. Wear the wrong gear and heat loss or over exposure to too much heat can cause serious problems, so it is always important to regulate your body temperature with base layer underwear. Working in unforgiving environments and ever-changing conditions can really take its toll on your body.

      In colder environments, whether outside or in workplaces, thermal base layers can provide an essential second skin, giving you an additional insulation layer which will help your body retain heat. This can help provide maximum protection against the cold. When working outdoors during the cold periods of the year, it is important to wear thermal underwear that can keep you warm all day. Therefore, it must be insulating, so you can stay warm, as well as moisture wicking, so you will not get wet and cold.

      For warmer conditions, we have base layer underwear garments specifically engineered to wick away from your body excess moisture that you produce while exerting yourself at work. These base layers increases airflow around your body which helps keep you cool when you need it the most.

      All our thermal underwear leads the sweat away from the body, and the moisture is distributed to the outside of the fabric, where it will be effectively distributed to a larger area so it can evaporate more easily, and you avoid freezing. The underwear functions as a protective layer that regulates your body temperature, no matter the weather or environment that you work in.

      Long under trousers (base layer pants) work perfectly as the inner layer when you need to protect yourself additionally from the cold. They should contain moisture wicking and insulating materials - ones that are quick drying. Under trousers are therefore very suitable for hard physical work in cold weather because you can work and sweat without ending up being wet and cold as the sweat is transported away from the body.

      Basleyer tops and thermal undershirts also use lightweight and elastic materials for a flattering fit and comfort, providing great freedom of movement. The under trousers have a flexible fit that adapts naturally to the body.

      A lot of our base layers have no seams or annoying stitched labels that can irritate when working hard. They use soft and very lightweight materials, which make the comfort optimal when you work for many hours. Even tight fitting layers are designed according to the shape of the body and include stretch materials that enhance your freedom of movement.

      If you have a job that requires extra protection, you will also find long base layers and thermal underwear with anti-static and flame-retardant properties that meet the all important regulatory safety standards.