Mascot Accelerate Trousers, Jackets & More - the Collection Reviewed

Mascot Accelerate Range Review

The Mascot Accelerate range provides a lot of the design and fabric technologies present in the Advanced range but at a lower price without a significant drop in performance. Aside from the typical Mascot Accelerate trousers and jackets, the collection also spans other types of clothing, like Mascot Accelerate shorts, t-shirts and fleeces.

Mascot Workwear’s Accelerate range is a comprehensive range, featuring workwear in many colours and sizes, targeted at multiple industries. 

One of the founding ideas behind this range was to allow customers plenty of options to mix and match from the range to create a full workwear outfit to suit their own individual needs. 


Mascot Accelerate Workwear Mascot Accelerate Review

Out of the Accelerate range, the vast majority utilise Mascot’s ultimate stretch material. Created to provide almost completely unrestricted movement, this has been developed using the market’s most advanced elastic fibres. These fibres allow the fabric to return to its original shape when it isn’t stretched, which is what helps the clothes be so form-fitting, allowing a more modern slimmer fit. 

The strength of the fibres also results in the stretch fabric tolerating industrial washing at up to 75 degrees, not something all stretch fabrics are able to tolerate. 

Regardless of the layer you are looking for, the Accelerate range will have something to meet your requirements. By using multiple layers of Accelerate clothing, you can guarantee optimal protection in various conditions.

Mascot Accelerate Trousers - (18079-511 Pants)

The 18079 Mascot Accelerate trousers feature the trademark four-way, water-repellent stretch material. This allows great comfort and freedom-of-movement while still being very durable and lightweight. 

Comfort is where the Accelerate range, well, excels. There is ventilation around the knee area made available through a zipper on the side of the leg, cooling you down as and when you unzip it. In addition, the Cordura-reinforced kneepad pockets are adjustable, so that the inserted kneepads will be in the optimal position to cushion you when kneeling down. 

Mascot Accelerate Workwear Trousers Mascot Accelerate Review

However, what is unique to Mascot Accelerate pants is the low and form-cut waistband which not only helps with comfort around the waist but also aids with mobility. This aspect is heightened even further by the fact that the trouser legs themselves were created ergonomically to follow the movements workers would typically make. 

This pair of Mascot Accelerate trousers, like most others in the range, include a variety of very practical pockets. There are front and back main pockets, a thigh pocket for a phone and even a Cordura-reinforced ruler pocket; plenty of room for your typical tools. 

These Mascot Accelerate work pants are compatible with both short and long kneepad types. They come in 4 colours, 3 different leg lengths and sizes from a 27 inch waist right up to a 52.5 inch waist meaning that they cater for different tastes and sizes.

The new Mascot Accelerate Safe collection

The newest addition to Mascot Accelerate is the Mascot Accelerate Safe collection. Building on many of the technical features of the Accelerate workwear collection, this range, as the name implies, also manages to provide one of the industry’s widest selections of hi vis EN ISO 20471 certified safety clothing.  It includes plenty of Mascot hi vis two-tone colour combinations to add to the already colourful Mascot Accelerate collection. 

Mascot Accelerate Safe Clothing Mascot Accelerate Review

Aesthetics and design have been placed to the fore-front with the Accelerate Safe range. It is usual to expect reflectors on Mascot safety clothing such as this, but in this case, to reflect the modern look, the reflectors are diagonal to create a dynamic look. In addition, the reflectors themselves are not all placed next to each other, instead being spread out across the design, signalling that this is a different kind of workwear than most safety-oriented products.

But the range isn’t just about looks. As well as incorporating plenty of stretch into the clothing to offer superior comfort, materials like Cordura-reinforcement are also added quite liberally across the range to increase its durability and total lifespan. It’s fairly high specification workwear at a relatively reasonable price.

This range has been in the design pipeline for some time and its testament to Mascot that some of the items were cycled through several stages of production before they were finally satisfied with the end product. Here, we take a look at one of the many Mascot Accelerate Safe trousers in this collection to give you a flavour of what to expect.

Mascot Accelerate Safe Trousers - (19679-236 Trousers)

Some of our Gurus tried out the Mascot Accelerate 19679 two-toned workwear trousers, and were thoroughly impressed. These fluorescent Mascot trousers are a lightweight 70% polyester/30% cotton twill fabric with super durable Ripstop weave. Cordura is also woven into the kneepad pocket area for additional strength and resilience - these may be light to wear but they are tough work pants.

An image of the Mascot Accelerate Safe Hi Vis Trousers 18079-511

Comfort is also a major consideration of the design. Stretch fabric has been placed in key areas where extra freedom of movement is required to maintain this comfort. These Mascot Accelerate Trousers include the low, form cut waist of the other Accelerate trousers, which further enhances comfort and movement capability. Likewise, the trouser legs have been shaped to follow typical body movements.

Naturally, the abundance of pockets within the Accelerate range is also present here, including the adjustable Cordura reinforced kneepad pockets.

You can find out more about these trousers and other Mascot Safety workwear by taking a look at our Mascot Hi Vis Article.

Our verdict on the Mascot Accelerate collection

The Mascot Accelerate range truly is an extensive clothing range that offers something to suit a wide range of professions and industries. It takes many of the top aspects of the Advanced range but offers more brighter colour variations. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of the Advanced range, it’s still high quality gear with a lot of features and it generally retails at a slightly lower price point. With the addition of the Mascot Accelerate Safe range there is now a significant modern-looking and advanced stretch-filled hi vis range on the market from Mascot as well.

Here at Workwear Gurus, we stock every item in the Mascot Accelerate collection in all sizes and colour variations, so you have the full range of options available to you.

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