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      202 products

      Mascot Work Pants - Kneepad work trousers & more 

      With literally thousands of different work trousers to choose from the Mascot work trouser collection has something for every trade and profession.

      Mascot pants contain the right materials for your job

      Properties such as stretch, high wear resistance and low weight are particularly important in workwear - and Mascot pants are no exception. Products developed in a fibre that increases freedom of movement while maintaining extraordinarily high durability are preferable in workwear that is used for many hours day after day. The wearer must be able to trust that their workwear will hold up to their demands. The freedom of movement must not be limited, the material and the functions need to suit the user's needs. Most of all the products need to  be able to withstand many hours of work, including kneeling work. This is where Mascot pants with knee pads really come into their own.

      Mascot work trousers are hard wearing & heavy duty

      Above all, work pants need to be hard-wearing. Durability on knees, pockets and other areas where there is a large amount of movement and friction take place require state of the art fabric brands to ensure maximum product life. Cordura is industry leading for wear resistance and Kevlar for pierce resistance properties. Properties that are important in workwear, where comfort is paramount and durable workwear is a matter of course. This ensures Mascot work trousers with knee pads continue to be among some of the best wearing in the entire industry

      Some Mascot work trousers incorporate Dynaema, the world’s strongest fibre which is lightweight and highly durable - stronger than steel in fact! 

      Mascot stretch work trousers - Industry-leading workwear pants with stretch for ultimate freedom of movement

      Mascot has long been a leader in the use of stretch fabric. Combining this effectively with other fabric technologies, Mascot has created industry-leading workwear stretch trousers with stretch that fit like the proverbial glove. These offer a relaxed, comfortable wearing experience without compromising on durability. See the Mascot Advanced Trousers range or the Accelerate ranges in particular for true industry-leading Mascot stretch work pants.

      How to choose the right work pants - comfort and fit

      When choosing your Mascot work trousers, it’s clearly not only about how strong they are. When you are wearing them day in, day out there are a lot of things to take into consideration - comfort and fit are clearly critical. To ensure a precise fit Mascot offer as many as 21 different waist sizes and four different leg lengths. Is that wasn’t enough in itself, some of the work trousers can be adjusted lengthened further in the leg. 

      The leg measurements effect the fit of the trousers which in turn can have a huge influence on placement of all-important kneepads. Protection of the knees is critical to ensuring prevention from injuries caused by kneeling. See our advice on how to ensure your knee pads fit well in your trousers 

      For example, the right length/inside leg measurement greatly influences whether your knee pad pockets are correctly placed. 

      Looking good - different styles & colours of Mascot Pants

      Mascot offer a range of different fits and styles to suit the wearer. Relaxed fit trousers, as well as ergonomically fitting pants with stretch and other fabric technologies incorporated ensure a comfortable fit and high performance whatever your personal preference of fit.

      The Mascot pants range incorporates a huge number of colourss ensuring that there is something for everyone in terms of look and feel and that corporate colours and identity will never be an issue. As well as the black work trousers and other classics like grey or navy blue work pants, Mascot workwear trousers incorporate a very broad palate of brighter colours as well. The Mascot Accelerate Trousers range was designed with this in mind, enabling a much more vibrant set of colours for the wearer with reds, greens and other options available.

      Embroidery and logo printing for corporate identity are also available on almost all of the Mascot work pants collection we offer. This includes special print for stretch fabrics. Have a look at our information on what is available and contact us to find out more about what is possible here.

      A huge range of Mascot women's work trousers too

      Mascot have a wide selection of workwear and safety workwear trousers for women that matches meets the demands for durability, wear resistance and fit. 

      For many women who work with trades, construction and industry, it can be a challenge to find work trousers designed specifically for the female form. Pants that not only look good but also offers the best comfort and freedom of movement throughout the working day.

      There is no compromise made on functionality either. With Mascot ladies trousers you get front pockets, back pockets, holster pockets and special pockets for rulers and mobile phone.  You can also add to these work trousers for women with accessories such as a belt, hammer holders or kneepads as required.

      Selecting the right Mascot Workwear Trousers for your profession

      As a craftsman, you need very durable and functional trousers that can stand up to any challenge imaginable at the construction site or while out on location as an electrician, carpenter, plumber, plasterer, painter or other skilled profession. 

      Some key considerations:

      • If you need easily accessible pockets for tools, screws and nails, then select craftsmen's trousers with holster pockets.

      • If you prefer holster pockets that can quickly and easily be detached when needed, like when getting in and out of company vehicle, then go for craftsmen's trousers with detachable holster pockets. 

      • If you spend long periods of time kneeling down, then make sure you choose Mascot trousers with knee pads and kneepad pockets for the best possible protection. 

      • Denim trousers are a safe choice for you if you are in the fields of service. Mechanics may also want Mascot jeans range you can look presentable but and at the same time need durable and comfortable trousers. For those in construction, Mascot has workwear jeans with kneepad pockets, so you can protect your knees during work. You will also find trousers with thigh pockets and holster pockets, among other things, so your tools are always within reach. 

      Choosing the right fabric for your Mascot work trousers 

      • Freedom of movement, high comfort and thoroughly tested wear resistance are all carefully integrated into Mascot pants. 
      • If you want craftsmen's trousers that are made from a fabric quality that is both exceptionally durable and very comfortable, then search for twill or canvas trousers. 
      • If freedom of movement is what matters most to you, choose trousers made from stretch material or trousers with stretch panels, which are also extremely durable. The Advanced and Accelerate Trouser ranges incorporate Stretch heavily into their collections
      • Cordura is a real strength addition to fabric. Mascot Mannheim trousers are a very popular choice
      • Addition of Kevlar to kneepad pockets is another way to offer strength in areas where there could be significant wear such as kneepad pockets. The Mascot Lerida pants
      • If you work outside in all kinds of weather conditions, Mascot also offers trousers made from water-repellent materials.

      Features adapted for the service industries

      Service trousers are available in lightweight and soft twill, denim-quality jeans and trousers made from 100% stretch fabric. The combination of cotton and polyester provides good moisture absorption qualities together with excellent durability. 

      If you prefer trousers that are elastic in all directions, then choose a pair of four-way stretch trousers, which offer unique freedom of movement and are water-repellent as well.

      Most of the trousers have  a multitude of practical pockets. Thigh pockets provide plentiful storage while on the move. Many service trousers also incorporate telephone pockets, pen pockets and more. Many service trousers come placement for detachable ID card holders and D-rings. 

      Breathable, windproof and waterproof work trousers

      When working outdoors, you need workwear that can be adapted according to the weather. Over-trousers are an obvious choice to protect against rain, wind, sleet and snow, as they can quickly and easily be pulled over your work pants

      All of the Mascot rain trousers are windproof and waterproof with taped seams. They are certified according to EN 343, which ensures that you are optimally protected against rain. The trousers also have breathable properties, which is important when you are physically active in cold environments, so you can get rid of moisture and maintain a high level of comfort. 

      Extra long zippers and storm flaps at the legs make it easy to use the trousers when wearing boots. All styles have elastic and drawstring waists so Mascot workwear trousers fit tightly regardless of the size.

      As well as being durable, Mascot waterproof work pants include a number of practical features to make your day-to-day work comfortable. They include functional details including ruler pocket and hammer loop, that keep your tools within reach. You will also find Mascot Over trousers with kneepad pockets. This means you can protect your knees optimally — even when you need to quickly pull the weather protective trousers over your Mascot pants with knee pads.

      You can get Mascot waterproof trousers in black, navy and green as well as in fluorescent orange and yellow with reflectors.

      Mascot winter work trousers

      Mascot have a range of work pants that  specifically protect against the harsh, cold weather. The trousers incorporate breathable, windproof and waterproof materials to make sure you stay warm and dry throughout the working day.

      The Mascot winter trousers are equipped with extended backs to provide both warmth and support at the lower back, when working in different positions - standing, kneeling or sitting. This ensures heat stays close to your body. The winter trousers are also available with removable braces. 

      Winter trousers often have reflectors and Hi-Vis colours; they will make you extra visible for the surroundings during the dark winter. 

      Some Mascot Winter pants offer certified insulating protection with EN 342, which assures you trousers that are insulated and offer protection against the cold.

      Mascot also has a range of thermal trousers which can be very useful when layering for the right weather conditions.

      Mascot Hi Vis Trousers

      We offer a huge selection of Mascot hi-vis work pants that make you extra visible to your surroundings when you work. Fluorescent materials make you visible in daylight, while incorporation of reflectors make you visible in the dark. To help repel dirt and maintain increased visibility, the surface of Mascot hi-vis work trousers are treated with Teflon. Mascot Kendal trousers are one of many very popular hi vis pants from Mascot.

       Some of the Mascot Pants most popular sellers

      These include the Mascot Mannheim trousers. The Mascot Manheim work trousers are on of the most popular in the range, An affordable yet high performing pair of Mascot pants.

      Also very popular are Mascot Lerida pants, Mascot Springfield Trousers, and Mascot Houston Pants



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