The Mascot Workwear Stretch Clothing Review - Mascot Stretch Work Trousers, Shorts & more

Introduction to Mascot Stretch Workwear

A modern standard in many of the most advanced and performant workwear garments, stretch fabric provides increased flexibility and comfort while active at work. Mascot stretch work trousers - and indeed most Mascot stretch workwear - is arguably industry-leading in this space. 

What are the benefits of using Stretch in Mascot Workwear?

The best stretch workwear feels natural to wear, almost like a second skin, as it follows you whilst you move rather than dragging or restraining you. In addition, stretch clothing allows clothing to better match a wearer’s shape. If you prefer a more modern, slimmer fit then stretch helps provide this style without losing the comfort or performance of loose workwear. 

Variants of stretch fabric, such as double weave fabric, can even offer enhanced breathability. Likewise, something like softshell stretch fabric can help make their garments become increasingly suited to wind and light showers.

The typical types of stretch you will see in workwear garments on the market currently are 2-way stretch and 4-way stretch. Two way stretch also known as regular stretch is great for use in workwear that needs to be robust and rigid but have touches of flexibility in key areas. 4-way stretch does what it says on the tin, offering more freedom of movement and flexibility. It gives workwear the capability to move in all directions - it stretches and recovers both width and lengthwise.

What makes Mascot excel in the use of this fabric technology is that they specifically design their Mascot stretch workwear so that the correct stretch fabric is applied to the correct areas. For example, Mascot only use two-way stretch on the knees of their trousers so that any kneepads inserted inside the trousers’ knee pockets stay in the perfect position and don’t keep falling out of position. This would not be possible if these parts of the trousers had 4-way stretch instead. Top workwear designers do not just use quality stretch material but also know the right areas to employ the right fabric technologies to get the most effective use.

Mascot Flex pants - Mascot 4 way stretch trousers

Mascot’s own version of 4-way stretch is labelled Mascot Ultimate Stretch Workwear. It has the same elasticity as regular 4-way stretch and provides the same freedom of movement and flexibility as well. Aside from the general elasticity itself, the fabric which Mascot use for their Ultimate Stretch garments is exceedingly lightweight, further contributing to the high level of comfort that this level of adaptability can afford the wearer. If you are used to wearing non-stretch workwear jackets, trousers and shorts made from a fixed fabric, trying on Mascot’s ultimate stretch range could feel like night and day.

The freedom of movement that ultimate stretch provides allows you to kneel down for longer periods while working and not feel constricted by tightness. Additionally, the lightweight workwear in this collection is not weighted down by any unnecessary baggage, or heavy fabrics. Mascot does have other ranges to suit those more specialist needs, but Ultimate Stretch is focussed on providing workers the best all-round performance for your typical trade or craftsman.

Mascot's Stretch Work Trousers model Mascot Stretch Review


Mascot 4 way stretch workwear was created to be worn throughout the working day, without any need for changing. Indeed Mascot stretch trousers are designed to help adjust to changing climates and temperatures to keep the wearer feeling comfortable regardless of conditions.

Durability spans the entire Ultimate Stretch range. Cordura and Dynaema are woven into many stretch garments in key high-wear areas to offer considerable extra strength. The fabric has been tested in a lab for strength and wear resistance, then is further tested by a group of working professionals in their workplaces, which gives Mascot additional feedback they can use to improve the features and fit of the clothing even further. There’s a reason Mascot’s slogan is ‘Tested to work’!

Our Gurus have taken a look at a few of the stretch workwear items in the Mascot clothing range and here are some of their thoughts.

Mascot Stretch Trousers - (18179-511 Mascot Accelerate Pants)

One of the standout pairs of trousers in the Mascot Ultimate Stretch line is the 18179 trousers. These trousers are part of the Mascot Accelerate range, which provides high performance workwear with the elasticity of ultimate stretch fabric, but also allow the garment to withstand the typical industry washing conditions without compromising either comfort or wear resistance. It’s this combination of 4-way stretch freedom of movement and ability to withstand industry washing whilst maintaining quality that makes Mascot stretch workwear under the Accelerate label so practical and appealing in our eyes.

Mascot 4 way Stretch Trousers Mascot Stretch Review

As mentioned earlier, design is crucial when working in this industry, and with these Mascot stretch work trousers, Mascot have shown their plenty of it. They’ve still packed a lot of features in, as they typically have done with all of the accelerate range. The kneepad pockets are Cordura-reinforced to afford real strength in a key area of wear. 

In addition to the fabric being so stretchy, it is water-repellent, lightweight, and highly durable; and doesn’t cut any corners in other departments. It also wouldn’t be an effective piece of workwear without a variety of pockets and loops for the various tools and accessories you would need in your day-to-day work. The Mascot 18179 pants are no exception here. These Mascot 4 way stretch trousers also come in three different leg lengths as standard which helps ensure these Mascot stretch work trousers will fit anybody well.

Mascot Stretch Shorts - (Mascot Advanced 17149-311 Work Shorts)

As with Mascot work trousers, Ultimate Stretch fabric can also easily be applied very effectively to Mascot Workwear Shorts. In this case, the 17149-311 Mascot Advanced stretch shorts. Like all the ultimate stretch range, these Mascot Stretch Shorts are water-repellent, lightweight and strong at the same time. They are part of the Mascot Advanced stretch range, a combination of items from which you can create an all-encompassing work outfit that is lightweight, durable and, of course, flexible. To ensure a best fit and comfort in all working positions, the waistband in these workwear shorts has been formed following the body’s anatomy.

Mascot Advanced Stretch Shorts Mascot Stretch Review

What makes these shorts unique in the Advanced range is the inclusion of holster pockets included on these Mascot advanced stretch shorts. A must have for those working with nails, screws and drill bits, these well-designed holster pockets have been reinforced with Cordura. They can easily be zipped and removed from the trousers entirely when they are not in use, need to be emptied or if the shorts require washing.

Mascot Advanced Stretch Workwear Jacket - (17001-411 Outer Shell Jacket)

Also part of the Advanced range is the 17001-411 Mascot Outer Shell Jacket. If you are in need of a flexible, durable and Mascot waterproof coat, you may find this to your liking. The waterproof stretch fabric used in this coat combines great freedom of movement, high durability and a low weight, while providing the breathability, windproofing and full waterproofing (with certification of EN 343 against rain) that comes from having taped seams. The ergonomic shape in this coat’s sleeves help make this a stylish and fitted Mascot jacket.

Mascot Advanced Stretch Waterproof Jacket Mascot Stretch Review

Looking at some of the other additions, there are some nice touches. This jacket has reflectors to enhance visibility, helping to keep you safe in poorer weather and light conditions. All of the inner, chest and front pockets are zipped and there is plenty of room for adjustment on the hood, waist and collar. All this to ensure the coat is suited as best as possible to you.

Our Verdict on Mascot Stretch Workwear

While not a budget option, the Mascot stretch range has items at both the more modest and more expensive end of the market. The top end gear isn’t cheap but it is one of the best for premium performance wear. It's a fantastic option for quality items that last, look good and offer supreme flexibility and freedom of movement.

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