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Mascot Accelerate workwear

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      Ultimate Mascot 4-way stretch pants which are industrially washable

      MASCOT fabric quality 511 combines four-way stretch fabric with an ability to withstand industrial washing  and tunnel drying – providing you with unparalleled freedom of movement throughout the entire working day without compromising on either wear resistance or comfort. 

      Trousers in the MASCOT® ACCELERATE range come in four different fabric combinations each with it's own completely unique properties. With lots of bright colours to choose from as well as more traditional ones there is something for every style and identity.

      • MATCH your entire company – both men and women
      • MIX colours – and retain a streamlined look
      • MATCH all professions – product functions for all lines of work
      • MIX products well-suited for industrial washing – excellent selection in EN ISO 15797
      • MATCH your trousers to the job – different fabric qualities for different needs and roles
      • MIX your tops – inner and outer layers for all climates
      • MATCH mum and dad – a whole collection just for kids

      Take a look at the Accelerate range in the video below

      Diamond and Pearl fits for women - a big range of womens work trousers

      Mascot accelerate offers a complete range of clothes for women available in two different fits: DIAMOND and PEARL. The best fit for you will depend on your body shape and the difference between your hip and waist measurements. If there is only a small difference between your hip and waist measurements, then PEARL is the fit for you. If there is a difference of more than 20 cm between your hip and waist measurements, then DIAMOND is the fit for you


      Mascot Accelerate Pants available for delivery in UK, US, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Europe and worldwide