Review of Mascot Hi Vis Jackets, Mascot Hi Vis Trousers & more

Mascot Hi Vis Workwear Review

High visibility clothing is certainly one of the most prominent aspects of workwear clothing, and a safety requirement across many industries and workplaces. Aware of this fact, Mascot have always placed emphasis on expanding their range of Mascot hi vis workwear to include everything from Mascot hi vis jackets and Mascot hi vis trousers to t-shirts and fleeces. Mascot aim to ensure all these safety clothes will be as comfortable as other less visible work clothing whilst working in a multitude of working environments.

Mascot Safe Mascot Hi Vis Clothing Mascot Hi Vis and Safety Review

Mascot’s catalogue of hi vis clothing is one of the largest assortments of EN ISO 20471 safety clothing on the market, with all of the products in the ranges being officially certified as highly visible. The majority of Mascot’s hi vis products come under the Mascot Safe ranges. They boldly claim that with such a large range of Mascot hi vis clothing that you will almost certainly have certified workwear that is fitted with the qualities you need in your working role.

But does Mascot hit their lofty goals for hi-vis workwear and safety clothing? Our gurus took some time to look at few of these Mascot Workwear garments to find out.

Mascot Blackpool Jacket – (15502-246 Softshell Jacket)

A signature of the Mascot Safe range, the Mascot Blackpool softshell jacket demonstrates what the Safe range set out to do; deliver the hi visibility needed in so many working environments together with comfort, performance and practicality. It is part of the Safe Supreme range, which is one of the industry’s widest ranges of EN ISO 20471 certified safety clothing.

The Mascot Blackpool Jacket comes in up to six different bright fluorescent colour combinations combined with a dark contrasting colour. Mascot have smartly placed the darker, contrasting colour on the parts of the jacket that will be more frequently exposed to dirt at the bottom of the jacket and the jacket’s sleeves. If that section of the jacket gets dirty, the visibility of the rest of the softshell jacket is not hindered and frequency of need to wash is decreased - definitely a bonus. Furthermore, Mascot have also included transverse fluorescent reflective tape on the sleeves, front and back of the jacket, to ensure this coat maintains hi visibility during work in the dark.

Mascot Blackpool Hi Vis Jacket Mascot Hi Vis and Safety Review

This Mascot hi vis Jacket is as practical as it is visible. Since it is a three-layer softshell jacket, it can be comfortable on the inside thanks to a fleece layer, but also has a sturdy outer layer that is breathable, windproof and highly water repellent. This has been achieved in part, because the Blackpool jacket doesn’t have any seams on the top of the shoulders, meaning water can’t penetrate the jacket from above, drastically reducing the likelihood of water getting inside the coat.

In addition, this Mascot hi vis softshell comes with ergonomically shaped, extended sleeves which improve freedom of movement, protect your arms against cold and wind and have Cordura-reinforced wrists on them. Similar reinforcement has been added throughout through the use of Ripstop fabric in key areas of the coat.

Mascot Hi Vis Bib and Brace - (13869-216 Davos Bib and Brace)

Out of Mascot’s various hi vis ranges, the Mascot Multisafe range promises the toughest safety functionality and highest certifications across all of Mascot’s collections. The Multisafe range is all about ultimate protection but is designed with the expressed purpose of not compromising on the practicality and comfort you come to expect from Mascot. The Davos 13869-216 Workwear Bib and Brace is an excellent example of this.

Mascot Hi Vis Bib and Brace Overall Davos Mascot Hi Vis and Safety Review

Protection is at the forefront of the Davos bib and brace. These braces are acid-resistant, anti-static and flame retardant, providing more than enough protection against workplace specific dangers, like electrical arcs and welding sparks. Akin to other Mascot hi vis safety workwear, the Davos bib overall is dirt resistant, to keep the hi visibility of the fluorescent colours and reflective tape present for longer, and of course, reduce the number of washes that the Mascot Davos bib and brace needs.

Being part of Mascot’s most premium safety range, of course you expect that the Davos bib and brace is practical, which it is. Key areas of the garment, including the leg and crotch, have been enhanced with double and triple stitched seams, to increase the lifespan of the overall. Ripstop has also been implemented throughout the build for a similar purpose. This is tough, durable gear. 

Practically, the kneepad pockets on the front of the Mascot Bib and Brace are adjustable and can be placed in the best possible place to support your knees, once Mascot Long-type kneepads have been inserted.

Mascot Accelerate Safe and Mascot Hi Vis Work Trousers - (19679-236 Hi Vis Pants)

A recent addition to Mascot’s library, the Accelerate Safe range builds further upon the technical focus of the Mascot Accelerate collection and offers these technical elements in conjunction with modern-looking Mascot hi vis clothing. The 19679 Mascot hi vis Trousers are part of this large, new collection.

Mascot Accelerate Safe Hi Vis Trousers Mascot Hi Vis and Safety Review

The reflectors at the bottom of the trousers are diagonally cut to make them standout from other safety trousers and give them the modern look that the Accelerate range strives to achieve. The fabric used has been intertwined with Ripstop weave to help it maintain its strength for a long period of time.

However, this doesn’t mean these trousers are cumbersome in any way. The fabric that made these trousers was still lightweight and stretchy to enhance freedom of movement in key areas. This massively helps increase the comfort of these Mascot hi vis trousers. In addition, the ergonomic fit of these trousers, having been made to follow the body’s movements, does make it easier to move around in, which is great if you have an active profession. Likewise, the low waist with a form-cut waistband further increases both the freedom and comfort of these trousers. If you need to wear safety clothing, a comfortable, flexible pair, with no compromises such as this may be a good option to consider in our opinion.

Our verdict on Mascot Hi Vis Workwear

Mascot’s hi-vis range certainly offers a variety of apparel across its multiple collections, and their claims that there is likely something for each industry and role certainly seem correct. With a variety of ISO approved clothes including the same quality and features of their other ranges, Mascot have thoroughly impressed our Gurus with their safety workwear range.

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