Mascot Advanced Trousers, Jackets, Shorts & More Reviewed

Mascot Advanced work pants and more....

Mascot pride themselves on having a huge range of products with workwear designed purposefully for almost every job and trade. One of their hugely popular ranges is the Mascot Advanced collection. Most famously known for Mascot Advanced trousers, it is a high performance workwear range featuring top design and the latest fabric technologies. It heavily features stretch material - notably their 4 way stretch fabric ‘ultimate stretch’. The range has been created for workers who demand real comfort and durability in their work clothing.  

Today, our Gurus take a deeper look at what’s so special about Mascot Advanced work trousers, Mascot Advanced work shorts and other items in the Mascot clothing range. Just how advanced are they?

Mascot Advanced Trousers - (17031-311 Mascot Advanced Stretch Pants)

The Mascot 17031 Advanced Trousers are perhaps the top of the range Mascot Advanced Stretch pants.

The Mascot Workwear 17031’s include Mascot’s “ultimate stretch” 4-way stretch. This offers real freedom-of-movement and flexibility, affording the wearer comfort and manoeuvrability - obviously very important when in an active work role.

The stretch properties of 4-way stretch fabric also give the Mascot work trousers a slim modern look as well as practical advantages such as ensuring there is no excess fabric on the back of the knee when kneeling down.

Mascot Advanced Work Trousers Mascot Advanced Review

This fabric combines a low weight with a very high wear resistance, whilst also being water resistant - great if you work outside and want to stay dry and comfortable even after a rain shower.

These Mascot Advanced trousers also use stretch for other practical benefits - for example in the pockets. The stretch fabric also allows you to fill the pockets more full without affecting freedom of movement. 

Durability is also key and these trousers have been very greatly strengthened in areas of high wear. A combination of Cordura, Kevlar and even Dyneema have been woven into the fabric here to ensure they are pretty bulletproof in terms of wear. Dyneema is 15x stronger than steel in a weight per weight ratio and is known as the world’s strongest fibre. 

Kneepads are easily inserted into the trousers via a zip and several Mascot kneepads can work - though the classic Mascot Waterloo kneepads are a very suitable option which provide good protection and comfort when kneeling.

Other notable characteristics include the holster pockets. These pockets have also been made with stretch, but also Cordura, and can be easily removed from the trousers entirely by being zipped off. This comes in handy when they are not in use, need to be emptied or the rousers need to be washed. 

Our gurus also liked the zipper in place on the side of the leg which allows for optional ventilation when needed. 

Other nice touches include reflectors on these trousers, to give you that little bit more visibility. 

It's not necessarily a cheap option when it comes to work pants, but you get what you pay for to a great extent. These are definitely a pretty advanced work trouser with lots of bells and whistles. A no compromise piece of workwear that will suit most craftsmen’s needs. Very comfortable and durable. Will last and provide payback over time.

Mascot Advanced Shorts - (17149-311 Stretch Shorts)

The 17149 Mascot Advanced Shorts also incorporate the ‘ultimate stretch’ technique. The water-repellent multifunctional stretch material combines a low weight with a very high durability - it provides real freedom of movement and comfort.

Mascot Advanced Shorts Mascot Advanced Review

To help ensure a best fit and comfort in all working positions, the waistband in these workwear shorts has been formed following the body’s anatomy. The waistband, coupled with the flexibility that ultimate stretch brings, results in a true feeling of freedom and comfort.

Ideal for those working with nails, screws and drill bits, the well-designed holster pockets on these Mascot advanced shorts have been reinforced with Cordura and, similarly to the 17031’s, can easily be zipped and removed from the trousers entirely when they are not in use, need to be emptied or if the shorts require washing.

These shorts come in 6 different colours and a very large assortment of sizes. With waistbands from 27 inch waist up to 52.5 inch waists Mascot are catering for all workers of all body shapes.

17001-411 Advanced Outer Shell Jacket

Also part of the Advanced range is the 17001-411 Outer Shell Jacket.

The waterproof stretch fabric used in this coat combines high durability, freedom of movement, and low weight, which are typical of the rest of the advanced range

The material is breathable but also fully windproof and waterproof by virtue of taped seams.

This Mascot 17001 Waterproof Rain Jacket is certified to EN 343 standards of rain protection.

Mascot Advanced Waterproof Jacket Mascot Advanced Review

The jacket has excellent freedom of movement, not only from the use of ultimate stretch fabric - which typifies Mascot Advanced workwear - but also through the ergonomic design of this coat’s sleeves.

Other features our Gurus liked include that all of the inner, front and chest pockets are zipped. Also there is plenty of scope to adjust the waist, collar and hood to make the coat fit you as snugly as you like. 

We liked that this Mascot jacket also has reflectors to enhance visibility, obviously useful to keep you safe in poorer weather and light conditions.

Our verdict on the Mascot Advanced range

The consistency of the Mascot Advanced range along with the abundance of features and functionality included within the Mascot Workwear in this range make Mascot advanced, in our opinion, the obvious choice for professional tradesmen who need to invest in some long-lasting and effective workwear.

The closest alternative would be the Mascot Accelerate range, which we have already discussed in an article on our website.

Here at Workwear Gurus. We sell every item in Mascot Workwear range – all sizes and colour variations, so you have the full range of options available to you.

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