Best Mascot Workwear Trousers Reviewed - 5 of the top sellers

Spotlight on some of the best Mascot Trousers

An essential part of every workers outfit, work trousers are a huge focus for all leading workwear brands. This is no less true of Mascot who, with nearly 40 year experience in the trade, understand the high expectations people have for their Mascot Work Trousers. Indeed when all sizes, styles and colours are taken into consideration; they offer over 20,000 different items - a pretty comprehensive range that caters for the majority of needs. 

Work Trousers need to keep up with changes in weather and the natural environment but also comfortable when used indoors. They’ll certainly need to be durable enough to withstand constant washing at industry standard temperatures and adept enough to function in different work situations, like standing, kneeling, lying down and sitting.

Mascot work pants are created based around the demands from professionals across multiple industries. They factor their specific requirements, whether for performance or safety, into the design and testing stages of product development. The Mascot trousers range also includes casual-styled workwear like jeans, thermal trousers for chillier environments, rain trousers for outside work where you are exposed to the elements and not forgetting Mascot hi vis trousers for those who require it. 

As a staple of their trousers, Mascot Workwear use double and triple stitched seams around key areas of wear like the leg and crotch. In terms of durability, all trousers that Mascot manufacture come with plentiful room for tools and other items in the form of pockets and belt loops.

Lets take a look at some of Mascot’s finest Workwear trousers and see what makes them standout…

Mascot Lerida Work Trousers - (05079-010 Trousers)

The Mascot Lerida Work Trousers are a best-seller for a reason. As part of the Mascot Hardwear range, the Lerida trousers promise functionality and high-end materials that come together to make ideal trousers for a variety of building professionals. Perhaps what makes the Mascot Lerida pants so popular is how they incorporate comfort into a range meant primarily for practicality. The low waist has a form-cut waistband around it to keep the trousers comfortably where they should be and the Lerida trouser legs themselves have been formed using ergonomics to make them follow the body’s natural movements. This opens up more freedom of movement and keeps the trousers feeling completely natural to wear.

Mascot Lerida Work Trousers Mascot Trousers Review

However, this being said, the 05079 workwear trousers belong in the Hardwear range for a reason: they have everything a craftsman could want in terms of practicality. Along with the expected pockets, the Mascot Lerida trousers have enhanced visibility through use of reflectors on the back. 

One of the most prominent practical features of these trousers are the kneepad pockets, which have been created with Kevlar for extra toughness and wear resistance when kneeling down. These pockets are certified for use with not only short kneepads, but also long types because of the kneepad pockets being height adjustable. You can take a look at some potential Mascot knee pads the Mascot accesories section of our site

Mascot Mannheim Work Pants - (12779-442 Trousers)

Next up, are the Mascot Mannheim trousers, which are part of the Mascot Unique range. This range is all about variety. Through the two-tone workwear that is available in 9 different colours and the variety of different fabrics used throughout the range, there is plenty of opportunity to suit individual tastes and colour preferences. We found this range is particularly appealing to those who want to establish an image and colour scheme for their workforce.

These Mascot trousers in particular have been tested in accordance with EN ISO 15797, showing it can be washed at industry-wide temperature standards.


Mascot Mannheim Work Trousers Mascot Trousers Review

The Mascot Mannheim work pants have strong kneepad pockets, as is typical of Mascot’s other workwear trousers. They meet the safety requirements of EN 14404 when kneepads, like the Mascot Waterloo kneepads, are inserted, giving you certified protection in the kneeling position. These same pockets are Cordura-reinforced and come top-loaded with a flap to help prevent dirt from getting inside the pocket - a popular feature with many of our customers.

With the addition of reflectors, and the triple-stitches throughout, the Mascot Mannheim workwear trousers are a great all-around option for the typical craftsmen who want a very practical pair of well priced work trousers and a bit of colour in their life.

Mascot Springfield Work Pants - (10131-154 Trousers)

Need triple-seamed durable workwear but in a lightweight fabric because you will be working in the heat or indoors? The Mascot Workwear Springfield pants may be what you’re looking for. Being part of Mascot’s Industry range, these trousers are pretty versatile. The legs of these trousers have been smartly shaped in order to prevent any feeling of them being too baggy. The base of the leg accommodates the tops of your working footwear that help make the transition from pants to boots pretty seamless. Not only will the Springfield workwear pants not be baggy, but the lightweight material they are made from guarantees that you are not restricted in your movements and you will be adequately ventilated as you work.

Mascot Springfield Work Trousers Mascot Work Trousers Review

The durability of these trousers comes from simple things like triple stitching around the leg and crotch seams to maximise the lifespan of the pants and using reliable Cordura to reinforce the attached holster pockets. This not only helps them carry more, but also helps them look like they belong with the trousers they are attached to rather than just tacked on haphazardly for the sake of it. The ever-present advantage of adjustable kneepad pockets also adds to the features the Mascot Springfield trousers have to offer.

Mascot Almada Work Trousers - (06231-010 Pants)

The Mascot Almada Trousers are widely regarded as one of the brand's flagship workwear trousers. They are the culmination of Mascot’s extensive research and development into trouser and pants ergonomics. These trousers support the way you work by naturally moving with you, not against you. They achieve this through the lower waistband, which enables easier bending, kneeling and stretching, and the design of the trouser legs themselves.

Mascot Almada Trousers Mascot Trousers Review

Naturally, with this high standard of design and quality, Mascot have also brought durability to the Mascot Almada work trousers. The kneepad pockets have Cordura integrated into them, which is seven times stronger than simple cotton and up to twice as strong as nylon is. This Cordura lends its strength to prevent the Almada work trousers from deteriorating from high tension or abrasion. Thus, not only is the kneepad pocket more than capable of securely holding weighted kneepads, but it also proves durable since it can withstand the wearer kneeling down all day with no problem.

The Almada workwear pants are part of the Mascot Young range, which was created to be stylish, modern workwear that you could wear both on and off the worksite, whilst retaining the strength and quality of the rest of Mascot’s workwear. Based on their popularity alone pretty plain to see that they have got something very right with these Mascot Almada work pants.

Mascot Kendal Work Trousers - (15579-860 Trousers)

Mascot creates workwear for a variety of industries. However, a constant and major requirement across most is the need for safety workwear. Naturally, Mascot also have their own Safe ranges of workwear and the Mascot Kendal trousers are a part of this. Specifically, part of the Safe Supreme sub-range, the Kendal is not only an example of top quality Mascot hi vis trousers, but one with the functionality of the most versatile workwear in their catalogue.

Mascot Kendal Hi Vis Trousers Mascot Trousers Review

Obviously, a defining characteristic of most safety workwear is the hi-visibility colour and reflectors which help you stand out whilst wearing them. Aside from being available in a variety of two-tone hi-vis colours, the Mascot Kendal workwear pants have been coated in a Teflon finish. Teflon provides a non-stick, non-reactive polish to the workwear, which will prevent the clothes from getting dirty as easily. In the case of these Mascot hi vis trousers, less dirt on the trousers means the hi visibility colours are bolder and more prominent, which is obviously just how you need them.

Of course, these Mascot workwear pants also come with the versatility that other Mascot workwear apparel has. The triple stitched reinforcement around the leg and crotch, ergonomically shaped legs, and wealth of adjustable and strong pockets are also all present here.

Our verdict on the Mascot work pants collection

These are only five of the (extensive) Mascot Workwear trousers range, but our Gurus believe that these are reflective of the attention to detail and consistency that Mascot bring to work pants, across their various ranges. Our Gurus are fans of the range, and so are many of our customers who seem very brand loyal. We can certainly see why. Mascot Workwear are definitely worth a close look when looking for your next quality workwear trousers.

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